Honeymoon Preparations

Once you have found your ideal honeymoon destination and booked a flight, it is time to get ready for the most romantic journey in your life.


Do Your Research

Research and make a list of all the things you want to do or see. Learn about the most interesting tourist attractions, good restaurants and bars, sport activities, romantic tours and exciting excursions, but also get familiar with local culture and tradition. Learning a few words of a foreign language can be very useful.

You can even make a detailed plan for each day of your honeymoon trip because it will save your time when you arrive. It is also essential to find the facts about local climate such average temperatures at that time of year and chances of rain. Read about possible health concerns and other dangerous aspects of the place you are going to visit. The more you know, the easier will be to get around and enjoy yourselves.

Surviving a Long Journey

Travelling to a faraway country can be tiring and you might lose time in adapting to another time zone. The best tip to avoid jet lag is to get a lot of sleep before you start your journey. Sleeping on the plane is also a good idea but a lot of people find this hard, so if you are not used to it, make sure to rest at home. Two nights of sound sleep prior to the trip will help you to stay awake until night time in your destination country.

Think About Your Health

Since long journeys can be very exhausting, make sure that you feel healthy and energetic before you go. It is not wise to travel if you are recovering from flu or some other illness, so consider postponing your trip if necessary.

It is essential to take every precaution to ensure that you will stay healthy throughout your journey. If you are going to a beautiful, exotic country, check if you need to take some vaccines prior to your journey in order to prevent catching a dangerous disease. It is best to start preparing at least two months ahead and seek medicinal assistance to find out how to protect yourself against germs that are unknown to people in Australia. While it is advised to start taking malaria pills four weeks before your journey, some vaccines may even have some minor side effects, so it is best to have them as early as possible.

Food Concerns

Taking care of your health also means eating well while your abroad. In some countries It is best to avoid cheap fast food sold on the street, as well as dairy products such as ice creams which may give you an upset stomach. You can make a list of reputable restaurants where it is safe to eat. If you are going to a country where locals eat food that your body is not used to, stick to international cuisine and don’t experiment too much with exotic delicacies.

Consult tourist guides and travelling books to get all the information you need. The Bride’s Diary® recommends Dr Deborah Mills’ book Travelling Well full of great tips and ideas for world travellers which you can use as your guide.

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