How To Pack Your Travel Essentials

Your honeymoon is a fantastic opportunity to relax and spend time together, so it is very important to pack right and avoid unnecessary shopping when you arrive at your dream destination. Make a thorough list of things you need to pack and allow yourself plenty of time to buy all the necessities.



Make sure that you pack all the must-have travel essentials such as airplane tickets, documents, credit cards, cheques, cash, hotel reservations and medical prescriptions. It is also important to bring a camera because you will want to make some snaps and treasure the memory of that very special journey for the rest of your lives. One of the best honeymoon tips is to pack your marriage certificate as well because it might bring you some great discounts!

Wardrobe Essentials

It is always hard to decide which clothes to pack and making a rational selection for a honeymoon trip is probably the most difficult task. It is important to be reasonable and bring only the basics you will actually wear. The list of your travel essentials should include a minimum of two bikinis if you are going somewhere hot, a pair of comfy jeans and a T-shirt, your favourite summer dress, a pair of shorts, cotton top, cardigan, little black dress for evening occasions and some accessories to stretch the wardrobe. You should also pack at least two pairs of shoes such as sandals or flip flops, elegant ballerinas and a pair of trainers for hiking. Packing sexy underwear and a gorgeous nightie is one of those golden honeymoon tips everyone will give you, but you might also need a pretty robe, if it isn’t provided by the hotel.

Beauty Basics

Your beauty travel essentials should include the basics such as sunscreen, moisturizer, lip balm, cleansing lotion, hand cream and your make-up essentials. Make sure to bring some products for treating blemishes, burns, cuts and redness, but also include your favourite fragrance, lipstick, waterproof mascara and a good concealer. Mini eyebrow kit is also a good idea, or alternatively, just bring tweezers so that you can do some emergency plucking on your honeymoon.

Medicines & Toiletries

To prevent and treat minor health conditions ruining your romantic honeymoon, make sure to include some over the counter drugs on your travel essentials list. Bring aspirins, probiotics, antihistamine and painkillers but also some band aids and insect repellents. Taking some toiletries and bathroom basics with you is also important, so pack your toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, tampons and wet wipes, but maybe also a mini travelling kit with 100ml bottles of shower gel, shampoo, conditioner and body lotion.

Handy Extras

If you have some extra space in your suitcase, here are some great honeymoon tips you can use! Pack some travel essentials for unexpected excursions such as sleeping bags, backpacks, compact umbrellas and raincoats. You might also find handy bits and bobs like a small sewing kit, ear plugs, ziplock bags, stain remover and antibacterial liquid. Depending on your destination, think of other things you might need for your adventures together.

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