Your Honeymoon

Your honeymoon marks the official start of your lives together. It is also your chance to let the stress of months of wedding preparations melt away. The exhausting rush is over, and the idyllic days and nights of your honeymoon stretch languorously before you.

As you plan your wedding, allocate time to discuss your honeymoon plans. Will it be in Australia or overseas? City or country? Winter or summer? Exotic or simple? If you agree on what makes for honeymoon heaven, that’s wonderful!

If not, choose a location that you will both enjoy. Remember, different locations are at their best at different times throughout the year, so to make the most of their chosen destination, many couples decide on a honeymoon date before they set their wedding date.

If you are travelling overseas, applications for your travel documents should be made at least two months before your departure date. This includes passports, visas, and proof of any necessary vaccinations. And remember, if you have decided to change your last name to your husband’s, you can’t do this officially until after your marriage – so all your travel documents should be in your existing last name.

No matter where you choose to honeymoon, add travel insurance to your pre-wedding shopping list. Nothing spoils a honeymoon faster than an unexpected hiccup in your travel plans. As policies vary amongst providers, you should shop around to ensure you know exactly what your policy covers, the dollar limit for claims, any excess charges, and the full cost of the premium.

Many couples now wait a day or two after the wedding before heading off on their honeymoon to allow precious time to unwind and catch up with their families. But if you’re leaving the next day, try to avoid an early start. Allow yourselves some spare time, rather than racing off for another long, tiring day.

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