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About us

Looking for an easy-going, relaxed celebrant for your big day? Kirili, the marriage celebrant behind agirlmeetsaboy, is a fun, down-to-earth celebrant that intends to bring the spark back into wedding ceremonies. Whether your ceremony is big, small or somewhere in-between, rest assured that the day will be fun, insightful and will deliver a ceremony that not only resonates with the couple, their family and friends, but also a ceremony that makes us all proud.

I decided to become a marriage celebrant because weddings are fun, love is grand and the social arrangement of marriage that we choose today is evolving and I want to be part of it. With so many celebrants to choose from these days, it can be quite daunting and stressful for a couple to decide on who is best for them. It can be a very disappointing experience if the chosen celebrant is not the ‘right fit’ for the couple. I want a couple to remember their ceremony and celebrant for the right reasons. My approach with ceremonies is to keep them relaxed, light hearted and fun.

Some might say that the institution of marriage is dying. I’m here to tell you it is just simply changing. The traditions of our ancestors, including the reasons, the timing and the structure of marriage, have become more and more obsolete. Couples today make their own choices, marriage is no longer a prerequisite of adulthood. It is a thing that couples do, if or when they want to do it. Each relationship is its own entity and not based on a rigid structure of yesteryear. A wedding should be as unique and diverse as the couple getting married. Marriage is strong, love is strong and a ceremony is simply a celebration to let people in your lives know that your commitment is true, two people in love, both on the same team.

Celebrant Services

  1. 1 service per day
  2. Cultural diversity
  3. Elopement
  4. Microphone/s
  5. Naming ceremony
  6. Order of service
  7. PA system
  8. Rehearsal
  9. Renewal of vows
  10. Same-sex ceremonies
  11. Signing table & chairs
  12. Vow assistance

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