Styling Your Autumn Wedding With Folk Art

Theme your autumn wedding with charming Scandinavian folk art inspired styling…

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The ‘Scandi’ style is very on-trend and can be seen in architectural styling, furniture and homewares. It is also the perfect inspiration when styling your Autumn wedding celebration. Characterised by simplicity and minimalism you will love bringing these Nordic influences to your Autumn wedding. Begin with a backdrop of white, which is the perfect canvas for layers of colour and texture. Simple whitewashed wooden tables and pretty white wooden chairs set the scene, while the accent colour is traditionally pale blue.  Scandinavians use a lot of candles in their homes, and so must you! Place dozens of candles along your tables to create just the right ‘scandi’ ambience. Then add to your tables simple white vases filled with Autumn foliage.

The Bride's Diary | Styling With Folk Art | Floral Wedding Stationery
Hunting Louise

To add interest include Scandinavian folk art motifs on your stationery, cushions and plate ware. Traditional Scandinavian folk art includes florals, plaids, stripes, and foliage borders that provide a simple, yet casually elegant feel with designs that are anchored in nature.

The Bride's Diary | Styling With Folk Art | Kransekake Wedding Cake
Image: Lucy Leonardi Photography, Cake: Faye Cahill

Traditionally, after the wedding ceremony, a sit-down dinner would follow where a smorgasbord or koldtbord (cold table) would be served, and the guests could help themselves. Then blotkake (cream cake), almond cake, cheesecake, and chocolate cakes would be served. The authentic 18-layer Scandinavian wedding cake is called a Kransekake, or ‘ring cake’ which is made with almonds, sugar and egg whites. It will be hard to the touch, yet soft and chewy when eaten. The bride and groom will lift off the top ring and however many rings stick underneath is said to be the number of children they will have. Each ring is then lifted off and broken into pieces to be served to the wedding guests.

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