Styling With Flowers In Spring

Feature a rich profusion of edible flowers and offer your guests a selection of raw desserts for ultimate eco-chic spring wedding styling.

The Bride's Diary | Styling With Flowers In Spring | Outdoor Spring Wedding
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With their pretty textures and vibrant colours, edible flowers have gained popularity as a healthy and creative ingredient in the culinary world. Styling your entire wedding with edible flowers is a unique and whimsical idea. Pretty floral illustrations can decorate your stationery, while fresh edible flowers will add a floral burst of colour and flavour to all your desserts, salads and savoury dishes.

The Bride's Diary | Styling With Flowers In Spring | Raw Wedding Cake
Rainbow Nourishments

And, if you love healthy food, then you will also love the new wedding cake trend – raw cakes! They are 100% guilt-free desserts made from organic, whole-food ingredients, sweetened with honey, maple syrup or coconut sugar and decorated with nature-inspired decorations such as delicate edible flowers. Sound delicious? You can even fill your dessert table with raw treats such as chocolate mousse, tarts, cupcakes, truffles, cream bars, mini cakes and ice creams!

The Bride's Diary | Styling With Flowers In Spring | Raw Donuts
Rainbow Nourishments

There are so many options when styling with edible flowers! Freeze one perfect flower into your ice cubes, pop some in your pre-dinner cocktails, place a single pretty flower on your canapés, or cover your entire wedding cake with a profusion of edible flowers. Some of the most popular edible flowers are calendula, chrysanthemum, cornflower, dandelion, dianthus, lavender, marigold, nasturtium and pansy. Edible flowers can be candied to add a sweet decoration on all desserts and are also popular in lollipops and popsicles. They can adorn doughnuts and cupcakes as well as provide decoration when scattered on your dessert table.

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