Wedding Styling Trends: Light-Up Letters

Add a touch of whimsy to your venue with fabulous light-up letters which make a striking vintage-style backdrop for your wedding photos.

Letters by Sammy & Lola

Light-up letters are one of the hottest wedding trends right now. They are almost a must-have because they make such a statement decoration which will not only illuminate the space but also look cool on your Instagram profile. Reminiscent of the old motel, gas station and restaurant signs in America, the bulb-lit mirrors used in theatre changing rooms and cabaret signs, they are very retro which is makes them a perfect addition to any vintage-themed wedding.

Types of light-up letters

Gigantic light-up letters are available for hire. You can look for them online as they are provided by many renowned event hire companies in Australia. All you need to do is choose your preferred style of letters and the company will bring them to your venue, set them up before the reception and collect them once the party is over.

And if you want to place them at your head table or light-up your dessert or wine bar, you can consider using the smaller sizes. You can purchase these small light-up letters if you want to keep them after the wedding and display in your home.

How to style your venue with light-up letters

Light-up letters will brighten and illuminate any venue, be it a spacious ballroom, a rustic-style winery or a beautiful garden. While big letters are mostly used to decorate outdoor spaces, smaller ones are great for indoor venues. You can choose between many different styles of letters and use them to create words or simply take just your initials. Couples often choose the word “Love” or the first letters of their names connected with a “&” sign.

If you want to use gigantic letters, then choose a spot where they will be visible, but not in the way. They can be in a quiet corner or the garden, under a beautiful tree, right in front of the entrance of your indoor venue or placed against the wall. Remember that your guests might want to use them as a photo backdrop, so leave plenty of space in front of them. Light-up letters come in a myriad of colours, so choose a shade that complements your wedding colour palette.

If you prefer smaller letters to illuminate your bridal table, make sure that they blend well with the rest of the décor. You can place them on the floor in front of the table or on top of the table if they are not too tall.

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