Matching Your Wedding Theme With Your Venue

Before you purchase any wedding decorations, make sure that they match your selected venue. These tips will help you create the perfect styling for your venue.

Your wedding colours and décor must correspond with the location, style of venue and its features. The first step in planning a wedding reception is choosing a space and then you can start working with the given visual elements to create the perfect decoration scheme. If it is a rustic-style winery, then you can’t go wrong with a rustic vintage theme, and if it is a modern blank space, then you have plenty of options ranging from classical all-in-white décor to quirky colourful styles. Some brides have a vision of their wedding and they start with a specific theme and then start looking for a venue that corresponds with it. However, you should never purchase any decorations before you book the function space.

Choose the Colour Palette

Inspect your wedding venue and write down which colours you have to work with. Does your function room have carpets? Does it feature wooden furnishings? What is the colour of the walls? Your wedding colour palette has to complement the space, so choose shades which will blend in nicely or make a nice contrast. If you opted for an outdoor venue, then the colours should complement the natural setting.

Define your Theme

Let the venue inspire you to further define your wedding theme and add more details to make the styling more personal. If it is a beautiful seaside venue, then ocean-inspired details can enhance the theme, and if it is a cosy, intimate space with antique furniture, then elegant candelabra are a fantastic edition. You can add romantic mood to almost any venue with fairy lights and tea lights, while light boxes will add a special touch to a clear, modern space.

Make the Most of the Venue Features

Each wedding venue has its own specific features and you should find a way to accentuate the ones you like the most. Does your function room feature old fireplaces, wooden ceilings or big windows? Look for decorations which will make these features stand out or just leave them as they are if you think that looks better. Some venues are so beautiful and elaborate that you only need a few touches to make them look festive, while others can be transformed to look completely different, so make sure to explore all the options before you start decorating the room.

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