Event Hire Etiquette

If you opt for an event hire service, make sure to take good care of all the items you borrowed and make sure to return all the pieces to the hirer.

Image by Dan O'Day Photography, Event Hire by South Coast Party Hire

Event hire services offer everything from cutlery, crockery and decorations, to sound, lighting and marquees, enabling you to turn any space into a gorgeous wedding venue. Whether you need full equipment for your marquee reception in a beautiful outdoor setting or just a few gorgeous pieces to add a personal touch to the venue, there are a few etiquette rules you need to keep in mind.

Brides are usually under a lot of pressure in the lead up to the wedding day, especially if they are responsible for organising the whole wedding. This sometimes results in forgetting a lot of things, including which items they hired. You need to be organised and keep a record of everything you borrowed. Make a full list of items and be precise about how many pieces of cutlery, crockery, chairs or decorative vases were delivered to you. If you purchased some of the items such as small decorations or some of the dinnerware, it might be hard to distinguish them once the party is over, so it is important to have everything written down in a notebook.

The best event hire companies are very meticulous about how they pack their goods in order to keep them in perfect shape, so make sure to respect this and don’t act like these props won't be used after your wedding. Take care of all the items you have and make sure to return every single piece. Remember that it is your responsibility to maintain all the equipment in good condition for the duration of the hire period. Since the goods will be delivered to you clean, you need to return them in the same condition. And if any of the items are damaged or missing, make sure to pay for the damage or loss. Or perhaps you borrowed some of the items from your friends or family members? You should treat their property with respect as well and return it in the very same condition.

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