Styling Ideas For Summer Ceremonies

Summer is the perfect time for an outdoor ceremony, so find a beautiful location with gorgeous natural backdrops and add a few details to make it more personal.

From picturesque countryside and beautiful vineyards to fabulous sandy beaches, Australia offers an endless choice of amazing outdoor locations, so do your research and pick the perfect spot to tie the knot. Start early with your planning and take all the aspects into consideration including photography, weather, transport and the possibility for obtaining permits. It is important to choose a location with beautiful scenery that will look amazing in your photos. Your ceremony will be one of the most photographed parts of your wedding and you need great backdrops.

Decorating The Arch

Decorating The Arch

With beautiful natural surroundings, all you need is a simple arch adorned with fresh seasonal flowers. Think opulent garlands with roses and peonies in pink or red if you want a truly glamorous ceremony, or simply use different varieties of garden flowers to make a colourful adornment for your archway.

You can also use paper tassels, bunting, balloons or fabric blooms instead of real flowers to adorn your arch! If you like whimsical designs, let your imagination run wild and use anything from picture frames and curtains to typography art and make a unique design that will truly stand out.

Create A Fabulous Backdrop

Create A Fabulous Backdrop
Image by Mink Studio

From sweeping ocean views to lovely DIY creations, every couple wants to have an impressive ceremony backdrop. If you want to awe your guests with a unique setting, think of a pretty installation such as an old set of wooden doors or a metal gate can add vintage flair to any landscape. You can also design your own backdrop with tissue paper, ribbons or flowers. Chalkboard backdrops are also very popular at weddings as you can personalise the backdrop with your own wording and illustrations.

Decorate The Chairs

Decorate The Chairs

From chic tiffany chairs to plain garden chairs, seating is an important detail of every wedding ceremony. Your guests will be impressed if you make the effort and do something a little different with the chairs, so don’t forget about this significant detail. Using sash, ribbons, pearls and garlands to adorn the chairs is very stylish and elegant, but you can also add something extra like coloured cushions or balloons. Choosing mismatched vintage chairs is also a fun idea, but we think flower garlands are the ideal decoration for summer ceremonies.

Finishing Touches

Finishing Touches

Once you have all the key elements, it is time to add some finishing touches to make your ceremony personal. Hanging decorations can make a powerful visual impact, so why not include details such as handmade colourful bunting or paper tassels! You can also line the aisle with cute little floral arrangements, which can be placed on the ground or suspended on chairs, while fairy lights will look impressive at an evening ceremony.  Paper lanterns also look very chic at outdoor ceremony venues teamed with a gorgeous personalised aisle runner.

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