Rustic Charm Wedding Photography

Rustic Charm has years of photographic experience and they can’t wait to capture your wedding day memories for you.


When you ask Tony Rabbitte, co-owner of Rustic Charm Wedding Photography, about the history of his boutique business, he will tell you that life has come full circle for him. Tony was working full time as a green keeper for a local bowling club on NSW’s beautiful South Coast. He had a keen love of amateur photography back before digital cameras even existed. Friends saw his work and as word of mouth grew, so did his workload. It wasn’t too long before he was photographing weddings on weekends while keeping up his day job. Before too long he had decided he needed to get serious and enrolled in a 4-year long Photography Course.


Only a handful of starters completed the course, and Tony’s determination, saw him win every award given at the end of the certificate course. He had a love of cars and his photography during his course was heavily based on them, which meant at the end of it all, he was quickly snapped up by a Sydney Magazine Editor as their main Freelance photographer. He was now too busy to keep up his full-time Green-keeper job, and handed in his notice. He was now officially a ‘full-time Freelance Photographer’ and assignments were quick to come to him. His style of late sky photography became his trademark and being able to capture stunning sunsets, whilst managing to make a car pop out from the background, was a skill not many could master on film. Tony could and ran with it. His work was quick to fill all of the mainstream modified car and motorcycle magazines.


It has always been Tony’s way to be the best at what he does. This also included his leisure time, where he would love to spend his time solo bushwalking. He turned this into magazine articles, which he would write and photograph. He discovered from this, another passion. Mountaineering. He has climbed Mountains in the Himalayas, and also New Zealand, which appeals to Tony’s love of pushing his physical limits. Tony continued his work within the publishing industry full time until 3 years ago, when due to the influx of digital technology, car magazines started to become less popular, and the work started drying up. He walked away for 18 months and started up a local farm contracting business. ‘It wasn’t easy trying to convince Tony to pick up his camera gear, and start up a new business in portraits and wedding photography says Steph, ‘and it took a lot of talking before there was a yes at the end of it’, she said. Like Tony, Steph is determined and has streak of stubborn, and wouldn’t take no for an answer. ‘It would have been such a waste of amazing talent to let him just walk away from photography, and his peers were quick to tell him that too’ said Steph. And so here they are.

Whilst the name Rustic Charm is still slight chatter out there, don’t be misled. There are years of photographic experience in this boutique business and they can’t wait to capture your wedding day memories for you.

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