Stellar Visions

The Stellar Visions team specialises in creating wedding photography and video, for couples throughout Western Australia, and have done so for over a decade.


Their intentionally awarded work is carefully crafted and considered. It may mean taking the road less travelled, such as standing in the rain at sunset; Or planning a sequence with a specific approach to post production in mind, Or it may be as simple as knowing when to carefully take the right shot.

Every shot taps a nerve triggers a memory or tells a story. Stellar Visions boasts an internationally awarded team of wedding photographers and filmmakers. Rob Dose won first place in the wedding category for the International Photography Awards in 2008/9 (that’s number #1 out of 22000 entries worldwide!). Similarly, Hugh Buttsworth took a silver wedding video award in the 2009 WEVA International Awards.

The Stellar Visions team loves to travel. With full-time careers in photography and cinematography, Hugh and Rob travel all over Western Australia collecting beautiful images. Destination weddings are a real treat and often serve to inspire a future movie set location or the next Landscape photo collection. Take a moment to appreciate the Stellar Visions journey in stills and motion.

Originally focused solely on video production, Hugh graduated from film school with high distinctions in 2003, and formed Stellar Visions with a team of fellow film school graduates in 2007. Stellar Visions pioneered the DSLR video approach in Perth. After years of referring customers to Rob Dose for the best wedding photography, Rob joined the Stellar Visions team in 2011, bringing in additional experience and expertise to complete the perfect combination of Wedding Photo/Video coverage.


Stellar Visions provides a fuss-free approach to capturing wedding photography and video using coherent production plan, much to the benefit of both mediums.

A high level of customer service does more than just facilitate sales. Hugh is the customer service representative. He is always available to answer any question whether it be for photography production, video production, or working with your other suppliers, and that direction is then communicated internally through to the creative team. This unified approach to both photography and video reduces the workload for you while you plan your wedding.

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