Big Bear Films

Every wedding video by Big Bear Films is a beautiful blend of natural, artistic shots and raw emotion of your big day.

Located on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Big Bear Films specialise in wedding videography. They make stunning cinematic videos that are truly capturing all the magic a wedding brings with every beautiful thing from bouquets and your wedding dress to the centrepieces at your reception. But most importantly, they strive to encapsulate all those feelings, from the joy of putting that dress on in the morning and having fun with your bridesmaids while the hair and make-up is being done, through to the most important moment of exchanging vows and all the way until the end of reception and your send-off.


Big Bear Films truly is dedicated to ensuring that you receive a top quality wedding video that beautifully encompasses the sheer importance and immeasurable joy that comes with a couple’s wedding day. Their films are fun to watch because they flow smoothly and easily, they are not too long and yet every important moment is in it.

The man behind the brand Big Bear Films is Scott Mitchell. He has been filming weddings for about five years and his services are in high demand because his expertise and keen eye allow him to capture all those natural and yet artistic shots. And his wedding videos wouldn’t be so amazing if there wasn’t that raw emotion of your special day which he captures so well on his camera!


Big Bear Films studio is located on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, and Scott makes incredible beach shots with couples after a ceremony. However, if you have selected another destination, Scott will be more than happy to travel wherever your special day may take you.

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