Planning Your Wedding / Your Ceremony

Most ceremonies involve the exchanging vows, the presentation of a symbolic offering (rings, money etc) and a public declaration of the marriage by an officiator, authority figure or celebrant.

Based upon your own religion, or personal beliefs, a wedding ceremony can be held almost anywhere: in a chapel or church, synagogue, mosque, a garden, on a beach, in a hotel or reception venue, on a boat; really anywhere your heart desires.

  1. Wedding Ceremony Back Up Ideas

    Wedding Ceremony Back Up Ideas

    You have planned the perfect outdoor ceremony, but you are worried that the weather might spoil everything? These tips will help you make a plan B!

  2. 5 Ways To Include Children In Your Ceremony

    5 Ways To Include Children In Your Ceremony

    From asking them to escort you down the aisle to having them perform at your ceremony, here is how to involve children in your wedding.

  3. Ceremony Rituals

    Ceremony Rituals

    Add a special touch to your wedding ceremony by performing one of these beautiful symbolic rituals!

  1. Tip Of The Day

    Tip Of The Day

    Get our very best wedding tips here.

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