Planning Your Wedding / Gifts & Bridal Registry

Your guests will want to honour your wedding by giving you both a lovely present or gift of money. To make gift-giving easy for your guests, you can also utilise the services of a gift, travel, or charity registry.

As gifts begin arriving, simply record the details in the Guest and Gift List in your My Bride's Diary, then when you have sent the thank you note, you can record this also.

  1. Unique Gift Ideas You Won’t Find On A Registry

    Unique Gift Ideas You Won’t Find On A Registry

    If you want to surprise the newly-weds with a stylish wedding gift that isn’t on a registry, look for something personal and unique like these 8 original gift ideas.

  2. Wishing Wells

    Wishing Wells

    If you are considering having a wishing well then weigh up the pros and cons, get familiar with the etiquette and finally, think about a design that will complement your reception décor.

  3. Types Of Wedding Gift Registries

    Types Of Wedding Gift Registries

    If you want to make wedding gift shopping easier for your guests, choose a gift registry that suits you and your partners needs!

  1. Tip Of The Day

    Tip Of The Day

    Get our very best wedding tips here.

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