Planning Your Wedding / Etiquette & Traditions

Etiquette is the customary code of behaviour that is expected at a wedding. From who should be the first to know about the engagement, to who should walk you down the aisle; there is much to navigate. While traditions are the transmission of customs, beliefs and rituals from generation to generation.

You will definitely want to read up about both traditional and modern etiquette and traditions, so you can select those that suit you both as a couple and align with your own personal beliefs.

  1. How To Write A Formal Wedding Invitation

    How To Write A Formal Wedding Invitation

    Are you worried about your wedding invitation wording? To make this delicate job easy for you, we have prepared comprehensive guidelines formulated in 8 simple steps:

  2. The Who’s Who Of Wedding Tasks

    The Who’s Who Of Wedding Tasks

    Organising a wedding can be stressful but also fun, especially if the work is split between everyone involved in the wedding preparations.

  3. Wedding Traditions & Superstitions

    Wedding Traditions & Superstitions

    The majority of wedding traditions date back thousands of years, and are in fact superstitious rituals which are meant to bring good luck or chase away evil forces. Many couples embrace these customs to preserve the tradition and ensure a happy marriage.

  1. Elegant Wedding Stationery From Papers of Distinction

    Elegant Wedding Stationery From Papers of Distinction

    If you want truly elegant wedding stationery to match your stylish, glamorous event, Papers of Distinction is the best choice.

  1. Tip of the Day

    Tip of the Day

    Get our very best wedding tips here.

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