5 Tips For The Perfect Wedding Atmosphere

Many brides spend hours planning their wedding and ensuring every little detail is right – from the dress to the venue to the food. After all, many people consider their wedding to be the best day of their lives. However, one thing that people often worry about is the wedding atmosphere.

5 Tips For The Perfect Wedding Atmosphere | Wedding Ceremony | The Bride's Diary
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Often, you have a large amount of guests present who may not know each other and nerves can settle in and stop people from enjoying themselves.

Here are our top five tips for the perfect wedding atmosphere so that you and your guests can have a wonderful time.

1) Plan ahead

One way to help improve the atmosphere of a wedding is to plan ahead, and many brides and grooms struggle with exactly how to make the perfect seating chart. When planning the seating arrangements for the wedding reception, try to consider who you think will get along well, who has a similar sense of humour and use this as an opportunity to get both sides of the family familiar with each other. A wedding marks the unifying of two families and a good seating arrangement can help break the ice.

2) Speak to everyone

Another great way to boost the atmosphere at a wedding is by making every guest feel appreciated. It is important to ensure that you take the time to thank everybody for being a part of your special day. When a guest feels valued and appreciated, they are more likely to enjoy themselves.

3) Get the drinks flowing

Celebrating with a few drinks is another great way to boost the atmosphere (providing that people don't have a few too many!) Many wedding planners suggest having an open bar at a wedding for this reason, but if this is a little out of budget, you could always organise a free drink on arrival to get people in the party mood.

5 Tips For The Perfect Wedding Atmosphere | Wedding Reception Table | The Bride's Diary
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4) Turn up the music

Music is perhaps the most important aspect of a wedding reception. Good music will get people talking, dancing and maybe even singing! Many wedding receptions invite a live band to perform in the evening. This is a great way to keep the atmosphere thriving into the night, especially as wedding bands can now cater to a variety of tastes - covering a range of genres. Find a wedding band that specialises in providing music that keeps everyone on the dancefloor – playing hits from throughout the ages.

5) Interaction

Another excellent way to improve the atmosphere at your wedding is by getting the guests involved. This might mean having a children's entertainer present to keep the younger guests busy. You could also leave disposable cameras on the tables to allow them to take their own pictures of your special day, or play some party games that the grown-ups can get involved with. Games such as 'Mr & Mrs' are an excellent way to get people laughing and are always a favourite with guests. Don’t worry – there are plenty of wedding games which will keep guests laughing all night long.

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