10 Romantic Traditions To Include In Your Wedding

Today weddings are all about personalised experiences so you can forgo any traditions you don’t like and include the ones that you both find really meaningful. From hand-fasting to writing love letters to each other, here are some of the most romantic customs from around the world.

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Something old, something new…

Probably the most popular wedding tradition in the western world comes from an old English rhyme: “Something Olde, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue and a Sixpence in your Shoe”. While something old represents the past and the continuity, something new symbolises the future, something borrowed stands for borrowed happiness, something blue represents love, fidelity and purity, and a sixpence in your shoe brings prosperity. These are the five lucky charms to include in your wedding day outfit!


Why not perform a ritual that involves tying the knot in a literal sense! This pagan tradition dates back to pre-Medieval times and we think it is very romantic. The bride and groom should clasp their hands during the wedding ceremony and then they should be tied with a ribbon or a piece of fabric. This act symbolises the joining of two lives and a perfect harmony! 

Reverse unity candle

Unity candle ceremony is a relatively new ritual which is very popular in the United States, while the reversed unity candle is its new, updated version. We think it brings a special touch to the whole event and offers breath-taking photo opportunities! Instead of joining two candles into a single flame, the couple need to spread the flame to all of the guests present at the ceremony. 

Kissing over the wedding cake

Ever wondered why wedding cakes are so tall? The custom was established in medieval times and the concept is to build a tall cake and challenge the couple to kiss each other over it! If they manage to kiss each other without destroying the cake, then the happiness and prosperity is guaranteed. Instead of having one big tiered wedding cake, you can have a tower of mini cakes such as croquembouche which is an 18th century version of this old wedding cake style. 

Planting a tree

Another wonderful way to mark a new milestone in life is to plant a tree together. This ritual can be performed after the wedding ceremony, and it symbolises the growth of your relationship. How to do it? Plant the seed and then water it together. You can use two buckets of water to feed the plant and involve members of the bridal party by asking them to scatter soil on the ground. 

Writing love letters

With modern technology, writing love letters is an almost forgotten tradition, but it is such a romantic way to express your feelings and thoughts for each other. On your wedding day, allow some time to write love letters to each other and keep them sealed until your first anniversary! You will find a wonderful surprise when you open them and relive that magical day.

Carrying the bride across the threshold

Did you know that the custom of carrying the bride across the threshold symbolises protection from evil spirits? This tradition appears in many different countries around the world, which means that it is deeply rooted in our cultural background. It is related to powerful superstitions but we think it is romantic too! 

Serenading the bride

Nothing can be more old-fashioned and romantic than the groom serenading the bride! This old custom was invented by the Italians who really knew how to create ambience for love. How exactly do they do it? The groom and his friends gather outside the bride’s house and sing to her until she makes her appearance! 

Rose ceremony

Red roses symbolise love and passion, but instead of having them in the bouquets or in vases at the reception, use them to perform a very special ceremonial ritual. All you need to do is give each other a red rose. According to the language of flowers, giving a red rose means saying “I love you”, so it's the perfect romantic ritual to include ritual in your wedding ceremony. 

Sand ceremony

A sand ceremony symbolises the unity between the bride and groom. By blending two different colours of sand in one single vessel, the two persons merge to become one. Not only is this ritual romantic and many couples find it as a bonding experience, but it is also visually intriguing and makes a great addition to the traditional wedding ceremony! 

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