Advantages Of Having A Small Wedding

Big weddings can be expensive and feel impersonal, so why not consider hosting a small wedding and splurge on things you both value the most.

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Spend less money

Cutting down your guest list means that you will spend much less money on your wedding reception. If you are on a tight budget this is one of the most efficient ways to save. If you still want to splurge, you will be able to afford more luxurious items from gourmet food to a five-star venue or even a wedding planner. 

Easier to plan

One of the key benefits of a small event is stress-free wedding planning. There will be much less drama, fewer decisions to make and more time to spend enjoying all the pre-wedding activities such as socialising with your bridesmaids and wedding dress shopping. 

Splurge on the important things

Now that you have decided to host an event for less people, you will be able to maximise your wedding budget and allocate more money to an exceptional wedding menu, award-winning photographer, renowned wedding band, couture wedding gown or extravagant wedding flowers. 

Create an intimate atmosphere

Whether you prefer a cocktail party or a sit down dinner, a small wedding allows you to create and intimate and relaxed atmosphere where you can have conversations with all of your guests. This means that you will be able to enjoy every moment and not feel stressed about coordinating your wedding. 

A larger choice of wedding venues

There is a limited number of venues that can accommodate larger groups, so if your guest list is short then you will have many options including restaurants, bars, breweries, wineries and garden venues. 

Create flamboyant centrepieces

You will have less tables to decorate, so why not splurge on breath-taking wedding centrepieces! Think opulent floral arrangements, eye-catching hanging florals, retro candelabras, seasonal touches or maybe even some family heritage pieces. 

Easier DIY Projects

Creating your own wedding invitations, bomboniere, table centrepieces or boutonnieres can be a daunting task if you are planning a large wedding of 100+ guests. A smaller wedding meand DIY projects are easier to complete, so you can really add your own stamp to the whole event.

More money for your honeymoon

Finally, having a small wedding means that you can spend more on your dream honeymoon! You can choose a far-flung destination, a luxurious private island, lavish beach resort or even an exclusive hotel in the city which has special package add-ons for the newly-wed couples.

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