Bomboniere & Favours

A thank-you gift for your guests is a small but significant detail that can be anything from a box of sugar-coated almonds to a unique keepsake.

Bomboniere and favours has always been a token of celebration, and the act of giving your guests a small thank-you gift is considered as a very kind gesture. Although a card is just about enough, a little present will show your guests how much you appreciate that they were a part of your wedding. Whether it is a delicious desse they will enjoy on their way home or a cute souvenir they will keep as a memento of your big day, it is something that will make them happy. A bomboniere or favour can also have a decorative purpose. It can be something that will look beautiful on your reception tables such as a mini vase with flowers, a potted plant or a keepsake designed to complement your wedding theme and colour scheme.


Is it obligatory to have a bomboniere or favours at your wedding?

According to traditional wedding etiquette, favours are not a must-have item. From delicious food and fabulous entertainment, there will be a lot of things your guests will enjoy at your wedding, so an additional gift isn’t always necessary. If you are planning a destination wedding, you may want to treat your guests with a welcome bag instead and if the reception venue is far away from accommodation, you can offer your friends and family complimentary transport.

Are there any rules on what the bomboniere should be?

No! It can be anything from edible gifts to unique keepsakes or even charity donations. 


Where does the custom of gift giving originate from?

Many sources say that the tradition was established in 16th century England where newly-weds were giving their wedding guests lace and ribbon knots that symbolised a bond of love. In Italy, traditional wedding favours are 5 sugar-coated almonds which stand for health, wealth, happiness, fertility and long life. The almonds are wrapped in a tulle, satin or burlap bag and adorned with a dried flower. In France a bonbonniere is a little embellished box full of delicious sweets, in Ireland, guests receive small wedding bells and in India, the couple gives away hand-crafted elephant figurines. In modern day Australia, a bomboniere is any type of small gift given by the hosts to their guests.

The meaning behind the tradition?

All these little gifts symbolise good luck which the bride and groom are passing onto their guests.

Modern vs Traditional

Nowadays, a bomboniere can be anything from a personalised box of matches to a bottle stopper or a small potted succulent. Not sure whether to choose something modern or opt for traditional wedding favours? If you want to include various traditional elements to your wedding which will represent your families’ background, then you can have one or two types of wedding favours to represent both families such as little trinkets from Russia, Spanish detalles, or Italian bomboniera. Or pay tribute to family traditions and give away something delicious and edible such as grandma’s biscuits or mum’s home-made jam! And if you want something utterly stylish that will contribute to the design of your reception tables, then choose gifts that are inspired by your wedding theme. 

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