10 Wedding Planning Myths You Need To Know

Planning your wedding will be a breeze once you realise what needs to be done and what is simply a myth when it comes to weddings. Here are 10 myths you need to know…

1. Hiring a wedding planner is a luxury

Many brides and grooms think that wedding planners are expensive and that this service is another cost that should be avoided. However, contrary to common beliefs, hiring someone to take care of organisation and contact vendors can actually save you money. Wedding Planners are professionals who work with leading vendors and can find the best possible deals for you. Or why not hire a day-of planner to help you on the day of your wedding for a quarter of the price. 

2. Getting married with send you broke

Weddings can be expensive but that doesn’t mean you need to take out a massive loan to pay for it. Set your priorities and you will be able to host a lavish celebration that fits into your wedding budget. Your venue, guest list and wedding date make three major points where you can save, and then you can splurge on things that are important to you such as photography, food, flowers and your wedding dress.

3. DIY projects will save you money

While DIY projects are lovely and can add a personal touch to your entire event, every bride will tell you that they are time consuming and they don’t really save a lot of money. You still need materials to create DIY wedding decorations and they are not necessarily any cheaper than hiring out decorations. In fact, for a really good DIY project you might need to spend even more money. If you want to DIY it’s important to do your research first and calculate the expenses.

4. Friends/family can replace professional vendors

In some cases, this can be true, but more often than not it is the opposite. Especially when it comes to wedding photography. A professional photographer with extensive experience covering weddings will know what to photograph, which angles will look the best and how to make the most of both natural and artificial lighting. Your friend or family member may be good at one type of photography such as portraits or landscapes, but a pro will cover all the aspects and capture all the action of your event. Trust us, this will be extremely important to you in the future when you want to come back to those memories.

5. You have to invite someone because they invited you to their wedding

Don’t feel obligated to invite someone just because you were a guest at their wedding. It is your event and you can invite whoever you like. Remember that you need to eliminate some people unless you have an unlimited budget and a gigantic wedding venue. If you think there are some friends or family members who are expecting to be invited and yet you can’t put them on your list, let them know that you were not able to include them because of your venue capacity or because your budget was limited.

6. The bride must wear white

This is one of the oldest and most common wedding myths many brides still believe in. Just look at the latest bridal fashion shows and you will notice that there are many new colours from pale pastels to vibrant reds and blues or even black. Your wedding dress can be anything you like including a floral gown or a bold chic jumpsuit.

7. All wedding dresses are the same

Many brides-to-be believe that it makes little or no difference if you purchase a $500 gown or a $5,000 gown. The price really depends on the quality of materials, embellishments and tailoring, so there are huge differences you need to be aware of. Additionally, there is a whole palette of silhouettes ranging from traditional ball gowns to slinky column dresses and mini cocktail frocks. Some gowns are often embellished with thousands of crystals or very expensive French laces!

8. You must have an even bridal party

Are you having someone in your bridal party just to have an equal number of bridesmaids and groomsmen? Well, you don’t have to! Include only close friends and family members in your bridal party without worrying about the symmetry. If you have more bridesmaids, you can level up things by assigning other tasks to boys such as making them ushers.

9. You have to do alternate drop at your reception

Can you imagine a wedding reception without an alternate drop menu? There are many cool alternatives such as modern buffets, shared platters served at the centre of each table, a grazing table or even a food truck. Nowadays your wedding food really doesn’t have to be boring, so be creative and pick something that matches the atmosphere of your venue. If it is a winery, then shared cheese platters on a grazing table is ideal, or if it is a garden party, then a food truck is a great and fun option.

10. It’s YOUR day

It is your big day and you should enjoy it as much as you can, but this event is also about your family and all your nearest and dearest, so be ready to make some compromises and dedicate your time to others including your new husband.

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