10 Things You Didn’t Know About Wedding Planning

From hidden costs and extra seats to lying about your start time, here are 10 of the most important wedding planning secrets you need to know.

1. Planning a wedding is hard work!

This is something a professional wedding planner will never tell you! Planning a wedding involves speaking to a lot of vendors, making a lot of calculations and fixing a lot of problems. It may even include some serious manual labour such as carrying furniture, hammering nails, removing rubbish, and even cleaning toilets!

2. Your budget can escalate quickly

So you want your dream venue, a designer dress, an expensive photographer and spend it wisely. Set priorities and splurge on things that matter while saving on the things you don’t really need. You may regret afterwards when you realise there is not much left for the honeymoon!

3. There may be additional costs

Organising your wedding may include some hidden costs you did not anticipate while setting up the budget. These can include pre-wedding pampering, additional stationery, delivery fees, attire for pre-wedding parties and extra meals for wedding vendors such as musicians. Wedding venues, planners, coordinators and photography services may also turn out to have some additional fees, so make sure to double-check exactly what are the package includes. Don't be afraid to ask if there are any "extra" costs that may arise later on. 

4. There may be hidden planning

Are you picturing a romantic outdoor wedding in a beautiful garden or sun-drenched beach? Bad weather can easily ruin your dream wedding day so make sure you think in advance and make a plan B in case of bad weather (this can include the heat). You should also think about possible wedding day emergencies.

5. You might need extra seats

An experienced wedding planner may advise couples to count on unexpected guests and have some extra seats at the wedding reception. It is better to be prepared than having to improvise on the day! 

6. Sometimes you have to lie about time

The schedule will be tight on the day, and you can’t allow anyone to be late. If you feel it is necessary, lie about your start time to ensure that everyone arrives on time and there are no delays or set backs.

7. Provide detailed maps and directions

Help your guests find the way to your wedding by providing detailed instructions. You can print out maps and directions and include them in your invitations, or upload them to your wedding website. 

8. Your guests will be hungry in the evening

After all the mingling and dancing at the reception, your guests will be hungry by the time the party is over. A delicious edible bomboniere is the easiest solution, but if doesn’t fit into your theme, then arrange a late night buffet or serve some light snacks towards the end of the reception.  

9. Plan some alone time with your groom

You have planned everything from your breakfast to your first night accommodation, but did you think about including some time during your wedding for you and your groom? You will be surrounded by people all day, but the whole celebration is actually about the two of you, so make sure to arrange a few breaks and spend some moments away from the crowd. 

10. Something will probably go wrong, but don’t panic!

Planning a wedding can be very challenging and some things may go wrong. But even if they do, don’t be upset, don’t be a perfectionist, you can only do the best you can. Maybe you will have to alter a few things or lower your expectations, but it will all work out in the end!

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