Wedding Ceremony Back Up Ideas

You have planned the perfect outdoor ceremony, but you are worried that the weather might spoil everything… These tips will help you make a plan B!

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Use a separate function room at your reception venue

Whether it is a pristine beach, lush garden or a picturesque vineyard, open-air spaces are perfect for wedding ceremonies. But a sudden downpour might completely ruin your plans, so we advise you to think of the plan B right at the very start. Many wedding venues have more than one function space available, and one of them might be turned into a ceremony venue if the weather spoils your plans for an outdoor event. Think about this when choosing a venue for your wedding banquet! Even if it is a restaurant, there might be a beautiful café, bakery or even a roofed terrace which can be quickly transformed into a cosy ceremony venue with a bunch of flowers, buntings and maybe some rose petals scattered on an improvised aisle.

Check with the wedding coordinator which spaces are available and opt for ceremony decorations which can be easily moved inside if needed. If you decide to rent a lavish countryside property, make sure to dedicate one spacious room inside the house as a ceremony backup space, or even consider decorating a hallway if it is big enough for all of the ceremony chairs and the aisle.

Look for alternative spaces which are close to your main venue

Finding a convenient space near your reception venue might be the perfect solution for your indoor wedding ceremony. It can be a registry office, a school room or even a cosy, rustic style venue. Your wedding coordinator, photographer, or other local vendors might have great ideas, but you can also explore the area and try to find a space you think would be suitable for the occasion. There might be a range of spaces which can be hired for the day or for just a few hours, so try to find one that fits into your wedding theme. Your plan B wedding ceremony doesn’t have to be disappointing, it can be just as stylish as plan A!

Set up a marquee

And if you want to keep your idyllic outdoor wedding ceremony venue and stunning views, but simply hide from the rain, hiring a marquee or a tipi could be the perfect solution. Your marquee should ideally have transparent walls or large windows so that you still have those unspoilt views and see the ocean or the lush greenery in the background. The chairs and flower arrangements can easily be moved inside and we think this is a great hassle-free solution if the natural backdrop is important to you.

And remember that an old superstition says that couples who wed on a rainy day are going to have a happier marriage and every time it pours, you will remember that special day!

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