The Price Of A Wedding Planner

Whether you want just a consultation, a day of coordination or a full service, here is how much you will need to pay for a wedding planner.

Levels of Service

Organising the perfect Pinterest-worthy wedding takes months of planning and a wedding planner can help you materialise your dreams. But there are different levels of service available, ranging from a one-off consultation to the full service.

If you want to be the mastermind behind your own wedding and do most of the planning by yourself, perhaps you can pay for just one consultation with a professional. You can ask your planner to help you get started by suggesting venues and vendors and provide some styling ideas.

You can also hire a planner to help you with just one aspect of your wedding such as finding a venue or assisting you with buying a dress. You will still get to do most of the planning yourself, but a professional will help you that one thing you care about the most.

And if you want to do the planning yourself, but need someone who will make sure everything runs smoothly on the day while you are having fun, then you need a wedding coordinator. Many wedding venues offer this service as a part of their packages, but you can also hire your own coordinator.

Finally, if you want someone to take care of all the aspects of your special day and create something unique just for you, then consider a full wedding planning service. This is the perfect option for busy brides-to-be.

How do Wedding Planners Charge?

Most brides see the wedding planning fee as an extra cost, but this service can actually save your money. You should spend about 10-15 % of your total budget on a wedding planner, but they will make sure that your money is spent wisely and that you don’t exceed your limit.

Some wedding planners have a fixed fee, regardless of the size or style of your wedding. If you are happy with the fee, make sure to check if you are happy with services included in it as well.

Other wedding planners will simply take a percentage of your wedding budget, and it seems like a fair method because those who want to spend less on their wedding can also spend less on their planner.

The third option is paying by the hour or per service provided. This is a great option if you need help only with certain aspects of wedding planning or just a day of coordination, but if you need more than that, then this option might be more expensive than the previous two.
You can also opt for a bespoke fee system and get a quote based on your specific needs and budget requirements. After an initial consultation, you will get a fixed price which won’t increase or decrease.

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