Take Your Wedding Celebration Offline

Switch off on your wedding day and enjoy every moment of it offline because there will be plenty of time for social media after the celebration is over…

Many couples enjoy the fun of disclosing the details of their wedding day on social media. But the day itself goes by so quickly and you want to enjoy every single moment of it. Take this opportunity to switch off completely and share photos later! Here are some tips on how to keep your wedding celebration offline:

1. Let your guests know that you want an offline wedding

Not sure how to let everyone attending know the wedding is "offline"? You can post an announcement on your wedding website and publish the post on social media. You can also try to find a clever way to mention it in your wedding invitation, or simply include it in your wedding ceremony program.

2. Choose the wording wisely

You don’t want this to sound like a threat, so offer some explanation on why you are encouraging your guests to go offline on your big day. Focus on the positive side of it and mention that this will mean more fun for everyone. If you search Pinterest you will find hundreds of ways to word your offline celebration.

3. Be clear about your offline rules

With so many couples allowing guests to share images online, make it clear that this is not for you and you don’t want a social media wedding. Let everyone know what the rules are. Do you want your guests to keep away from sharing images at all or you want them to wait until the official photos are published online? And will you be encouraging them to switch off with you and enjoy the party offline, or you are only concerned about the pictures?

4. Ask your celebrant to help you

If you feel like your guests might need to be reminded about the offline rules on the day of the wedding, then you can ask someone to make a brief announcement before the ceremony. Your marriage celebrant might be the perfect person to do so, because they can say a few words about social media right before you walk down the aisle.

5. Offer fun alternatives for your guests

Some of your guests might be disappointed that they are not allowed to take any happy snaps of all those pretty decorations and elegant details, so offer an alternative everyone will be happy with. You can give away disposable cameras (we love Weddingstar's) as your bomboniere or set up a fun photo booth with lots of gorgeous backdrops and cool props they can use!

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