Wishing Wells

If you are considering having a wishing well at your wedding, then weigh up the pros and cons, get familiar with the etiquette and finally, think about a design that will complement your reception décor.

Lauren Campbell

Reasons to have a wishing well

Do you already have everything you need for your home? You don’t need any traditional wedding gifts? If you answered yes then you should consider having a wishing well at your reception. You could ask your guests to donate some money to go towards your honeymoon. For some guests it will be easier to give you money in an envelope than to choose an appropriate gift. Money can also help you towards paying a house deposit for a new home or even help pay some of your mortgage or even go towards a new car. However, some of your guests might will prefer to give you both a gift. If you don't want to offend any of your guests simply let them know there will be a wishing well at the reception and that gifts are all acceptable. 

Wishing well etiquette

If you're planning on having a wishing well at your wedding it is important to understand the correct etiquette. It is advisable to attach a note to your wedding invitation which explains why you prefer a wishing well to traditional gifts. This explanation should not be included on the actual invite, but written or printed on a separate card. If you request money, tell your wedding guests how you intend to spend it and let them know that you are thankful for any contribution. However, keep in mind that some of your guests might not feel comfortable to give you cash, so you need to also state that you will be accepting traditional gifts as you don’t want to offend anyone.

Wishing well designs

Your wishing well should fit into your wedding reception theme and blend in well with the decorations. It can be a box, a birdcage, a mailbox, a suitcase or any other object you think will look pretty in your reception room. Some wishing wells are designed especially for cards, while others can fit in both cards and small gifts. If you feel crafty, you can also try to create your own wishing well. 

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