5 Ways To Include Children In Your Ceremony

From asking them to escort you down the aisle to having them perform at your ceremony, here is how to involve children in your wedding!

If you and your future husband already have kids, or if this is your second marriage and you have children from previous relationships, then include the little ones in your wedding ceremony! We selected five of our favourite ways to do it, so choose one or combine a few of them. Make sure to choose something that is appropriate for their age, and speak with them to find out how they would like to be involved. 


1. Ask them to escort you down the aisle

According to tradition, a bride should be given away by her father, but feel free to break away from tradition and have your child take you to the altar. If you have more than one, why not walk with all of them!

2. Include them in your wedding vows

If you already have kids, your marriage is not just about you and your husband, but also about your children, so mention them in your vows. It is one of the easiest ways to involve them in your ceremony, and we are sure it will make them feel special.

3. Let them be a part of your unity sand ceremony

Another simple way to make your children a big part of your wedding is to ask them to participate in your unity sand ceremony. Different colours can represent each person in the family and once the sand is poured into a single vessel, the grains become inseparable and this mixture represents the unity.

4. Ask them to be your flower girl and ring bearer

This is a simple and traditional way to include children in your wedding. If they are a little too young to perform the task, just dress them in cute outfits and don’t burden them with any responsible tasks, and if they are too old for that, ask them to be one of your bridesmaids or groomsmen.

5. Have them perform at your ceremony or display their artwork

If your children are creative, give them a chance to give a live performance at your wedding. They could sing, dance or play an instrument, and the best time for this is immediately before or after the ceremony. And if they are more into visual arts, let them showcase their artwork!

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