Wedding Traditions You Can Skip

Contemporary weddings are all about personalisation, so feel free to break a few rules and add a modern twist to the old traditions.

1. Diamond engagement ring

Your engagement ring doesn’t have to feature a big clear diamond. Be open minded and wear a pink, blue, yellow or maybe even a black stone! You can opt for any stone or setting you like, or select a beautiful antique ring.

2. Matching wedding bands

According to tradition, the bride and groom should wear matching wedding bands, but modern couples like to choose customised designs. From platinum to rose gold, it can be made from any metal and personalised with an engraved message or diamonds.

3. Church ceremonies

You don’t have to have a traditional church ceremony. Say your vows on the beach, in an enchanting garden, on a cliff top or among the vines!

4. Traditional wedding vows

Nowadays many brides and grooms prefer to write their own wedding vows. From poetry and philosophy to movies and children’s books, anything can be a source of inspiration, and you can also add a few lines of traditional vows if you want.

5. White wedding dress

Give a contemporary twist to the classic bridal attire and wear a coloured dress with a statement headpiece instead of a white gown with a veil, or simply add a pop of colour with a modern accessory such as shoes, an embellished arm cuff or a piece of jewellery.

6. Bride & groom not seeing each other before the ceremony

Seeing each other before the ceremony is no longer considered a bad omen. A fun new wedding trend we keep on seeing is a first look. The bride and groom can meet each other before thier guests arrive to the ceremony for a first look photo shoot.

7. Father escorting the bride down the aisle

Having your father escort you down the aisle is a great tradition, but remember that it is not the only option. You can choose to walk with your brother, mother, children, or even go solo.

8. Processional Song

Your processional song doesn’t have to be Wagner’s Bridal Chorus, so feel free to select a track you really love that mean something to you and your future husband!

9. Female bridesmaids & male groomsmen

Perhaps you have male besties and your groom would like to include females in the wedding party? You can now mix different genders, so why not have male bridesmaids and female groomsmen!

10. Having one flower girl & one ring bearer

If you have more candidates for these two roles, why not ask all of them to be members of your bridal party! They will enjoy walking down the aisle all together and the photos will be oh so cute!

11. Matching bridesmaid dresses

Your bridesmaids don’t have to all wear matching dresses. You can let them choose different styles in the same colour, or even combine various shades and patterns. The options are endless! 

12. Having 2 wedding colours

Creating a wedding colour palette can be really fun because you no longer need to focus only on two colours. You can have three or four colours, play with different shades of the same colour, or even opt for a bohemian mix of many vibrant hues to make the design really unique.

13. Separating guests at the ceremony

If you are not getting married in a church, you can opt for unconventional ceremony seating plans. Some couples prefer to make a circle or a spiral around the altar and mix guests from both sides.

14. Rice toss

Throwing rice on the newly-weds is an old tradition which is believed to bring happiness, prosperity and fertility. However, modern couples now opt for confetti, rose petals, glitter, paper planes or even fragrant herbs (just check with your ceremony venue first).

15. Traditional wedding gifts

If you don’t need any kitchenware for your new home, then perhaps you can opt for a honeymoon registry or ask your guests to help you purchase a special artwork or anything else you are both passionate about.

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