Unconventional Wedding Party Ideas

Contemporary weddings are all about breaking away from traditional rules and doing your own thing, so be inspired by these unconventional wedding party ideas!

1. Bridesmaids in white

While according to tradition only the bride wears white and bridesmaids wore a coloured gown, nowadays anything goes and bridesmaids can even wear white dresses. This has become a huge trend after the royal wedding in 2011 when Kate Middleton’s sister Pippa sported a white frock. You can purchase white gowns for all of the bridesmaids or only select one for the maid of honour, and purchase coloured dresses for the other girls.

2. Multi-coloured look

If you want to keep a uniformed look with your maids but allow some spontaneity, then let the girls choose their own dresses. You can give them a list of shades to choose from to make the look a little more versatile and dynamic, but not completely mismatched. For example, you can let them select any outfits in one shade like blush pink, burgundy or copper, or opt for various shades of blue. You can even allow the dresses to have floral prints on them.

3. Mismatched groomsmen styles

Choosing groomsmen outfits can be fun too! The mismatched trend can work well for groomsmen as well, and there are several ways to achieve the look. You can purchase the same suits but style them with different accessories such as shoes and neckties, or do exactly the opposite and opt for identical accessories while letting them pick their own suits. The third cool way to pull it off is to let them know about your dress code and colour palette so they can select their own unique outfits to match their personal style.

4. Female groomsmen & male bridesmaids

Modern couples often have their closest female friend or family member a part of the groom's party and their closest male friend or family member a part of the bride's party, so feel free to make any combination you like! Finding co-ordinating outfits doesn’t have to be a problem, especially if you opt for an informal or semi-formal dress code, or simply opt for neutral colours such as black, navy or grey. 

5. Wedding party seated at the ceremony

Traditionally, members of the wedding party are included in the processional and stand during the wedding ceremony. If you are not getting married in a church, you can skip this rule and have all of the members of the wedding party seated at the ceremony. You can even have two benches on the opposite sides of your ceremony venue – one for the bridesmaids and one for the groomsmen.

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