Photography Trend: Images In The Rain

Rain won’t ruin your big day… it will make your wedding photography even more magical!

Did you know that rain on you wedding day is a sign of good luck? Many cultures view it as a very good omen as it symbolises fertility, cleansing, unity and the last tears the bride will ever have in her married life. And if this isn’t enough to make you wish for a rainy day, then try to imagine how beautiful your wedding photos in the rain will be! The rain drops will reflect the light, creating the most romantic and magical backdrop.

Most couples dread rain on their wedding day because it can ruin everything from the dress and hair to the flowers and the entire wedding venue! However, the rain can actually be quite magical! There is always a chance for rain, so be prepared and have a back-up plan and maybe even a spare dress. And be playful! You will get truly breath-taking wedding photos if you are ready to step outside and kiss under an umbrella and jump in the puddles. You might get completely soaked, but we think it's worth it!

Whether you have selected a wedding venue set in a tranquil pastoral setting or in a bustling city, your photographer can create beautiful snaps in the rain. Misty air filled with flickering rain drops will provide a natural photo filter which cannot be re-created. Nature will seem even more beautiful and mystical, while the urban landscape will look unmistakeably romantic during the rain, especially at night when the city is lit up.

If it rains all day and you are cosy inside your indoor venue, be a little adventurous and give everyone an umbrella so that your photographer can take a few pictures outside. Unless it is really pouring, you might get some fantastic shots. This is a fantastic idea if you want extraordinary group portraits with the members of your bridal party.

And if it rains in the evening as well, don’t miss the opportunity to make a few gorgeous night shots too! Sneak out of your reception venue, slip into your gumboots, take your photographer with you and enjoy a little walk in the rain. Pose with a huge umbrella, and let the water drops falling under the romantic street lights or strings of lights create a breath-taking backdrop.

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