The Challenges Of Wedding Planning

From picking up ideas at bridal fairs to trying on wedding dresses and enjoying your pre-wedding events, wedding planning is fun and exciting, but every bride will tell you that it can be stressful as well. These tips will help you deal with the biggest challenges.

Making a guest list

Making a guest list is one of the hardest parts of wedding planning. You and your fiancé might have different opinions on how inclusive your guest list should be, and there are also often other members of the family you will have to please, especially your parents. The number of people really depends on the size of your budget, so be practical about this matter.

Keeping your families happy

A wedding is never a private matter because it concerns both of your families. Speak with your parents or other close family members to find out what is expected of you. From the style of the ceremony to a preferred destination or a specific wedding menu, your nearest and dearest might have a lot of suggestions and requests, so the key to successful planning is to make compromises between their wishes and your own ideas.

It's all about being organised

No matter how big or small planning a wedding is not an easy job as you will have to contact many vendors and keep a lot of things in your mind. The key to not forgetting or overlooking anything is to be organised, very organised. Make to-do lists and keep everything wedding related in one folder or in one big notebook. We suggest creating a wedding email address that you and your groom-to-be can both access. This way anything to do with the wedding is in one place!

Keep track of your finances

Maximising your budget will certainly be one of the biggest challenges. It is crucial to set a wedding budget and stick to it. Keep track of your spending and make sure not to exceed the limit. It will be helpful to divide your costs into categories and calculate how much you are allowed to spend on each of them. Become a free member of The Bride's Diary® here and gain access to our budget calculator!

Ordering food & drinks

Whether you are organising a cocktail-style event or a traditional banquet reception, you should ensure that there is enough food and drink for your guests. If you make a wrong calculation, you will feel stressed on your wedding day and it might be hard or impossible to fix the problem if you run out of champagne or beer.  If you are buying your own alcohol a lot of places will refund you for the alcohol you don't use.

Last minute wedding tasks

If you are handling the bulk of the wedding planning yourself, you might be left with too many last minute tasks. Think about this in advance and try to achieve as many of them early so you can have the last week before the wedding stress-free. Some of your guests might arrive a few days earlier, so try to allow some time to socialise with them.

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