Photography Trends: Night Snaps

Whether captured under a canopy of stars, beneath fairy lights, by a big old tree or on the city streets, night portraits are the new photography trend to embrace!

Your wedding shoot usually takes place during the day/afternoon, after the wedding ceremony. The photographer follows the bride and groom to a special shooting location where the natural setting provides majestic backdrops, whether it is a remote beach, a dramatic cliff top, a romantic vineyard or an endless green field. But when night falls, everything becomes mysterious and moody, so why not sneak out of the party with your photographer and take a few snaps outside! Together with your send-off photos, these images will make beautiful additions to your wedding photo album.

If you like the idea, include night snaps in your wedding photography checklist. Tell your photographer to find locations that are suitable for night portraits and think of a few ideas yourself. Think about this when purchasing wedding decorations. Perhaps you can adorn the trees outside your reception venue with fairy lights or set up letter light boxes near to the entrance? This will create a fabulous backdrop for your night photos. Otherwise you can take two lanterns and use them as props for the night shoot, or ask your bridal party to hold sparklers behind you.

Using smoke bombs for night portraits is a new wedding photography trend that is becoming increasingly popular. Instead of using sparklers and candles to create light effects, throw coloured smoke bombs to create an utterly surreal effect. It is so dramatic and unbelievable that it almost looks like a post-production trick which is why everybody likes it so much.

A simple way to make fabulous night portraits is to use lighting equipment, but to strategically place it and create a dreamy atmosphere. Just imagine how beautiful your white dress will look against the darkness of the night! Other great light effects which can be used outdoors include Chinese lanterns which are perfect for send-off photos, floating candles which look fabulous inside a pool and strings of lights which will give you just enough light to make incredible romantic photos outdoors.

You can also use beautiful interiors as a backdrop for your night portraits. If you are celebrating in a beautiful hotel, then the photographer can follow you to your suite and find some amazing locations along the way such as hallways with dimmed lights or big windows.

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