Types Of Wedding Gift Registries

If you want to make wedding gift shopping easier for your guests, choose a gift registry that suits you and your partners needs!

So you have decided to have a wedding gift registry, but not sure which type to choose? If you are moving into a new house then you will probably need new homewares, but if you are in need of cash for your dream honeymoon, perhaps you can ask your guests to contribute? You can also offer them a possibility to help you purchase a car or property, make your wine collection, or give the money to the charity if you already have everything you need.


Purchasing homewares for the newly-weds is tradition. Family and friends help couples design and equip their new home and buy everything from kitchen utensils to bed sheets, lamps, furniture and paintings. It is much easier with a gift registry nowadays as you simply have to pick a store and give your guests variety of options from expensive pieces to affordable items. If you have a large number of guests, it may be a good idea to register with two or three department stores featuring different price ranges which will give your guests a lot of options.


You have the ideal destination but can’t afford it? A honeymoon registry is the perfect choice for you. Your guests can help you collect money for that once-in-a-lifetime-journey, be it a trip to Thailand, Fiji, Europe or a luxury resort on the Australian coast. Some travel agencies specialise in luxury honeymoon experiences and offer wedding gift registry services.

Cars & Property

If you are planning to buy a new car or a house, you can find services which specialise in this type of gift registry. Your guests can choose which amount of money they want to give you and contribute to your down payment fund. Since some newly-wed couples may struggle to purchase their own property or a car, this is a very practical solution.

Alternative Gift Registries

There are also plenty of creative gift registry ideas for couples who already have a home, a car and funds for their honeymoon. Are you both wine lovers? Then set up a wine gift registry and let your guests help you create your own wine collection. Or maybe you prefer collecting books instead? Register with a bookstore you like and let your friends and family choose novels, cook books, travelling guides and beautiful monographs. You can also opt for a combined registry which offers both traditional and unconventional gifts including home renovation tools, romantic dinners and honeymoon accommodation.

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