Inviting Children To Your Wedding

Not sure whether to invite children to your wedding? These tips will help you decide!

It is time to create your guest list and you are asking yourselves the inevitable question: should we invite children to our wedding? It is a delicate one. While some of your guests would prefer an adults-only wedding, others believe that children add a special flair to any celebration. Some parents might even feel heart-broken because they are not allowed to bring their little ones to the party. Whether you decide to invite all the kids or just limit the number or even exclude them completely, it is your decision and nobody should complain about it.

How to limit the number of children

If you have decided to have children at your wedding but would like to limit the number, then you need to establish a criteria to help you make a selection. One way to do it is to set an age limit. Some couples prefer to invite only older kids to the wedding because they are easier to manage while others choose to invite only children of their closest friends and family members. To indicate that children are invited, you simply need to include their names in your wedding invitations. If you don’t want to invite children, simply don’t mention them.

How to keep the little ones entertained

Weddings are usually not events kids are enthusiastic about. They have to be quiet during the ceremony and there is no food or entertainment to keep them occupied. From reciting your vows at the ceremony to giving speeches at the reception, protocol-related activities can make them nervous as they easily get bored. This is why you may want to arrange some kind of entertainment for children at the reception. Setting up a separate table for kids’ meals and favours is a great idea, but you can also arrange a professional to look after the children and designate a play area where they can have fun away from the adults. We love Weddingstar's activity book to keep children entertained.

What happens after 9pm?

Unless you are planning a daytime reception which is going to be over before the sun sets, your guests with children will have to either leave the party early or book babysitters. Those coming from afar will also need to find accommodation for the night. You can help them by finding and contacting a local nanny agency. Knowing that their little ones are in safe hands and in bed on time allows parents to relax and enjoy chatting, mingling and dancing until the party is over and the bride and groom leave in their getaway car.

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