How To Involve Your Dog In Your Wedding

Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life. An event you share with your friends and family, and of course your beloved furry child – your dog. The only problem is, dogs in new environments tend to be unpredictable.

Here are some suggestions from My Pet Warehouse’s on how to include your beloved four-legged friend on your wedding day, and tips on making sure the day runs smoothly.

Four-legged guest of honour

Simply having your dog at the ceremony to share in the joy of your wedding will add to your day. Whilst you are sealing the deal you will need someone to mind your dog. This can be a groomsman or a bridesmaid but if they are not comfortable with this there are services such as Wedding Paws who offer a great pet-sitting service where they chauffeur, wash and take care of your dog throughout the ceremony.

Interactive wedding videographer

It’s impossible to not smile around a dog, so why not film your guests’ smiles? All you need to do is velcro strap a GoPro onto your dog and watch the magic unfold from a canine perspective.

Let guests know your dog will be there

You may have guests with canine allergies attending your ceremony, so letting everyone know that your pooch will be attending the wedding will definitely assist in keeping the harmony and give your guests time to take an antihistamine.

Groom your dog

Make sure your dog is looking it’s very best by giving him/her a wash, clip the nails, trimming and brushing the fur, and maybe for a female dog paint her nails prior to your big day. Kazoo offer the most affordable clippers ($17.99) and brushes ($19.99) on the market for a DIY groom. 

Dress your dog for the occasion

You don’t necessarily need to put your dog in a tux to dress them up. Why not match your dog’s collar and leash to your colour scheme, or attach some flowers to the collar. This will definitely make your dog feel like an unofficial member of the wedding party. My Pet Warehouse stock collars in most colours and also have festive flower diamante collars, perfect for your pooch to walk down the aisle in. 

Bring a water bowl

Outdoor weddings, particularly during summer can be akin to an outdoor sauna. For your dog’s comfort, make sure you bring a water bowl. You could even bring a bowl that matches the theme or has love hearts on it like the Rogz Bubble Bowl Purple ($19.99).

Bring some treats

Your dog has hopefully been extremely well behaved throughout the ceremony, with so many new people and new places to explore. Bringing  some extra special treats like Eukabana’s Healthy Extras ($6.99) or Black Dog Beef Biscuits ($29.99 for 5kg) will be sure to make your dog overjoyed and add a bit of decadence to your pet’s wedding experience.

Weddings are all about family and friends coming together to share in the love so it makes sense to include your dog in your special day. Having your dog involved is a beautiful symbolic gesture you will always remember.

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