8 Mistakes Newly Engaged Brides Make

You just got engaged and you are excited to start the wedding planning journey! Make sure to avoid these common mistakes brides-to-be often make…

1. Forgetting to break the news to your family

He finally popped the question and you can’t wait to tell the world? Many brides announce the news on the social media before telling their nearest and dearest first. However, your closest family should be informed before everyone else, so make sure to call them or arrange to see them in person and tell them about your engagement before you announce it on social media.

2. Doing the wedding planning by yourself

Hiring a wedding planner is a great help and leaves you to do only the things you like the most such as choosing venues, decorations, stationery and testing out desserts. But even if you think you don’t need a professional to organise your event, consider assigning tasks to the members of your bridal party because you won’t be able to do everything by yourself.

3. Spending too much time browsing

Weddings are beautiful and many brides become a little bit obsessed with dresses, flowers and pretty things. However, this may end up in spending too much of your time browsing for ideas and products on different websites. Be organised. Create your inspiration boards, but be rational and search only for things you will need.

4. Purchasing your gown before you book a venue

Buying a wedding gown is one of the most exciting tasks for a bride-to-be. However, the dress should match the style and formality of your event. This is why you need to select the wedding venue first. If you imagine yourself in a glamorous ballroom while browsing the gowns and then end up celebrating in a rustic-style winery, then perhaps your attire will be a little over the top.

5. Spending before you’ve set a budget

One of the common mistakes brides-to-be commonly make is spending money before they set their wedding budget. Planning a wedding can be very expensive and you need to decide on your budget right at the beginning. It might be difficult to stick to it and keep track of your spending, but if you divide the budget into sections, it will be easier to stick to it.

6. Saying yes to everyone and everything

As soon as you become engaged and tell everyone the news, you will be flooded with questions and proposals. While some of your friends and family members will try to offer their help, others might try to push you to make decisions you might later regret. Don’t automatically accept every offer and every suggestion, take some time to think about what you and your groom-to-be want. After all it is your day!

7. Inviting people too early

Once you have announced your engagement a lot of friends and family will call to congratulate you both. You will be tempted to invite them to your wedding however, you should avoid doing this so early and wait until you make a guest list with your fiancé. 

8. Forgetting to enjoy being engaged

Your engagement is a great thing to celebrate, so make sure to spend a lot of relaxing time with your groom-to-be during this period. Don’t become too absorbed too quickly in wedding planning and think of the things the two of you can do together in your spare time. From romantic dinners to pampering at a day spa, make sure to spend some quality time together and just be happy because you decided to spend the rest of your lives together.

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