Simple Wedding Gift Ideas

Finding the perfect wedding gift can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t have too much time for shopping or you are on a tight budget.

It is important to think of something the couple will find useful, but it should also be something special, which you have chosen especially for them. From gift baskets and vouchers to gorgeous hand-made presents, see our favourite choices to get inspiration:

Gift Baskets

Instead of buying a traditional gift, why not make a lovely gift basked packed with useful things. It is a practical and simple gift, which doesn’t require too much thinking, and there is a solution for any budget. You can fill the basket with delicious ingredients for a romantic dinner and include pasta, olive oil, yummy sauces and a bottle of wine, or prepare a honeymoon goody bag with things like beach towels, bath robes and thongs for him and her. We love Weddingstar’s selection of honeymoon gifts for bride and groom, which includes everything from passport holders to "Mr. + Mrs." Bathrobes.

Vouchers & Gift Cards

A gift card is an excellent option if you are stuck with ideas. Just pick a store that stocks items the couple will need to decorate the house or equip their bathroom or kitchen. This is also a great alternative to giving cash because it is more personal and very practical. You can also thrill the bride and groom with a wonderful experience and give them a spa voucher, tickets for a museum, hot air balloon ride, wine tasting or a sailing trip. Use your imagination and browse the Internet for exciting offers. Think of an adventure the couple would enjoy together. If you can’t think of something original, why not just pay for them to enjoy a special dinner in a very nice restaurant!

Unique DIY Presents

If you are on a tight budget but have time to work on your wedding present, think of a fun DIY project and create a gorgeous personal gift. If you want the present to be both pretty and useful, think of something cheap you can re-design with a few simple DIY tricks. For example, you can purchase plain white tableware and use special permanent marker to make your own design. Choose a simple repetitive pattern like polka dots or simply write the names of bride and groom on the plates. You can also use glass paint to personalise a set of wine glasses or paint a set of wooden spoons in vibrant colours. If you need some fresh ideas for 100% hand-made wedding presents, think embroidery and crochet which you can use to make unique pillow cases, kitchen towels, table cloths, blankets and duvet covers. Forget traditional methods and use your creative talents to make bespoke designs.

Something Antique

If you want to delight bride and groom with a chic gift for their home, think something fashionable like a vintage clock or picture frames. An antique lamp or candelabra is also a great idea, but when choosing antique presents make sure that you find something that newlyweds will love to display in their house. And remember that your vintage present doesn’t need to be expensive. Just look for bargains in antique shops or browse websites like to find a unique retro gift. If you start searching months before the wedding day, you will be able to find something that suits your budget.

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