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They’ve put in an appearance at Oscar nights, been seen at functions, and have even strutted their stuff at the odd fashion show or two. We’re talking about photo booths – and you can take it from the ‘A’ listers, they are a lot of fun! And right now they’re one of the hottest wedding trends.


Photo booths are popping up at more and more receptions. Guests line up to use them and have a great time getting creative with their images. One of their biggest pluses is that they’re an endless source of entertainment for young, old and everyone in-between. When you and your new husband are circulating among your guests for a personal meet and greet, you will find that those not immediately involved will happily amuse themselves (while adding to your reception happy snap collection) with the liberal use of your photo booth.

In fact, it’s safe to say that as your guests let their inner child out to play, photo booths are generally the source of some truly hilarious candid shots. And even if your guests opt to take their photos home with them, many photo booths can be set up so that all the images taken are stored on disk for later use as a memento, or on thank you cards, or as a fantastic addition to your wedding day video (talk to your videographer about this option).

Providing a box of props for guests to use is just about mandatory. Most photo booth hire companies offer props as a part of their package – but you may want to supplement what has been provided by hitting the op shops, party supply companies and dollar bargain stores for items such as hats, wigs, masks, glasses, clothing, novelty lips and noses, and anything else that fits the bill.

Many couples provide props that are a match for their wedding day theme… full marks for that idea!

Image by Mink Studio

When you’re shopping around for a photo booth supplier, there are a number of questions to include on your checklist, not the least of which is to ask about the format the photos are printed in.

Why? Because if the images come in strips, your guests can easily trim off one or two of their images to keep, and then, if you have provided a photo album for the purpose, add the remaining images to your album along with a personalised message to you both. Many brides have shared with us that their photo booth photo album has become one of their most treasured wedding day keepsakes.

Other questions you should ask are whether there is a limit on the number of prints, and does the company offer delivery, set up and take down as part of the deal. Some providers offer a free web gallery for your images, and the option to upload to emails and to your social media of choice. You should also check to see if the company will supply a booth attendant on the night. After all, you and your hubby are there to celebrate, not to run a help desk for those of your guests unsure as to which button to push!

Because not all photo booths are created equal, be sure that you know exactly what you’re hiring before you sign on the dotted line. Some booths are open (so other guests can watch the fun), some are closed, some are stand up, and others are sit down only. Some allow you to choose a background, others can be set to add a particular border to the photos, or a special tint… sepia would be a great choice for a vintage or retro theme which is one of the hottest wedding trends at the moment.

And one last thing: be sure that you and your husband join in the fun and create one or two photo booth memories of your own. You’ll be so glad that you did.

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