Pink Wedding Bouquets

Pink is one of the most popular colours for weddings because it celebrates love and femininity, but also associates with beautiful things in nature. The best way to add a pop of colour to your bridal outfit is to make a fabulous pink wedding bouquet.

To make a fabulous pink wedding bouquet that complements your romantic gown, use soft, blush shades which are perfect for traditional weddings. If you prefer vibrant hues to match your contemporary bridal outfit, use bright pink blooms and mix them with flowers and foliage in green, fuchsia or lilac hues. You can even mix light pink with gold and orange shades to create more of a vintage look.

To make a beautiful, classical wedding bouquet in two colours, you can use pale pink blooms and pair them with either white or peachy orange. If you want to have a bouquet made from only one kind of flower, you should definitely pick roses because they symbolise love and romance, while also looking very elegant. Roses can be mixed with hydrangeas, tuberoses, tulips, ranunculus or amaranth and if you want to make them even more feminine and luxurious, you can combine them with pink orchids. To decorate your pink wedding bouquet, simply wrap it with pink or white ribbon, or have different shades of pink ribbon cascading down.


Since nature is a great inspiration for both wedding decorations and hair and make-up this year, why not match your pink wedding bouquet with lipstick and blusher in a natural blush shade to create a stunning visual effect! You can make a lovely pink wedding bouquet from lush cabbage roses which will match any traditional ivory gown.

Pink dahlias will also make a gorgeous pink wedding bouquet because they have beautiful and complex textures, while lush peonies look extremely elegant and luxurious. Sweet peas are very soft, delicate and romantic, so they are a great addition to bouquets made from flowers such as peonies, azaleas, clematis and roses.

However, if you want to make a bouquet solely from sweet peas, you can pick different shades of pink and place them from darkest to palest hue.

Feathery astilbe is an interesting addition to bouquets of dahlias or helichyrsums, while you can spice up your garden roses with pepper berries, olive leaves and mint stems to make a beautiful pink wedding bouquet inspired by wild nature and English gardens. Pink orchids or peonies are the perfect choice for an elegant and luxurious bridesmaid’s bouquet, while bright-coloured zinnias look very cheerful and casual.

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