Tips For Organising Your Gift Registry

Setting up a gift registry is a great way to help your guests buy a useful present that you won’t throw away. It can be very time consuming for your friends and family to find practical gifts which you will actually use, so preparing a selection of choices will make the job easier for them.

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Register well ahead

You want to allow your guests plenty of time to shop for your gifts and it is best to do it about six months before the wedding. Keep your registry updated and occasionally review the list of items. Keep track of purchases because you will want to thank your guests for your gorgeous presents immediately after the big day. It is also very convenient to have one registry for all presents including engagement and bridal shower gifts as it makes the shopping experience much less stressful for your guests.

Choose more than one store

You should include various stores with different price ranges so that your guests can choose between luxury goods and cost-effective options. This should also apply to your list of items as it should include both expensive things like furniture and cheaper items like home décor pieces and kitchenware.

Include enough gifts in your registry

Make sure that your guests have enough items and price options to select from. The number of options should exceed the number of your guests because you want to let them choose. You can start adding more items to the registry as the wedding approaches if you think that the selection is not big enough. Allow them to be as generous as they like but also think about your friends and family who can’t afford to give you an expensive gift.

Make a diverse selection

The list of presents should include different things newlyweds will need in their new homes. It should be a diverse selection with everything from kitchen knives to washing machines and vacuum cleaners. You should list only things that you will use, so it will probably take some time to create the registry. Do it meticulously and specify the numbers of desired items, as you might need more than one set of tableware or bath towels.

Thank your guests after the wedding

Thanking your guests immediately after the wedding is very polite, so why not prepare thank-you notes beforehand and send them right after you came back from your honeymoon! You should show them how much you appreciate their effort, so consider creating customised notes to address each of them specifically.

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