Tips For Your First Dance

Your first dance as a married couple is not just a tradition, but also a fun element of every wedding. Read our tips on how to plan a memorable first dance:

Picking A Song

If you want to make your first dance truly memorable it is very important to choose the right tune. It should be a song both of you like, but also something perfectly danceable. If you want to be original avoid traditional or very popular songs and think of something truly exciting and unexpected. From a romantic waltz with a twist to a cheerful contemporary tune, it can be anything that makes you move. Before making the final decision, why not have an enjoyable evening at home and listen to old records while having a romantic dinner together!

Take Dance Lessons

Even though you don’t have to be a professional to do the first dance, we recommend that you take at least a few lessons to gain confidence. While learning to dance in a large group can be a little frightening and it might take a while to learn the steps, individual classes are much more pleasant and efficient. If you really want to impress your guests, work with a professional dancer to create a short choreography that matches a song that you picked for your first dance. You can also do it yourself with a good video tutorial. In this way, you can learn all the steps in the comfort of your own home.

Include Some Fun Steps

Whichever song you choose for your dance, including some exciting steps is a great idea. Don’t just shuffle around on the dance floor but try to delight your guests with a fun performance. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a full choreography, just add a bit of punch with a statement move to make the audience gasp. It can be just a romantic twirl or even something funny and quirky like a lindy hop jump. First and last steps are very important, so you can do an elegant entrance and impress everyone with a spectacular finish. Make sure that your dance is short and sweet, rather than risking long and complex choreographies.

Think About Your Wedding Outfit

The clothes you are planning to wear can limit your first dance. While a pretty mermaid gown doesn’t allow swift moves, wearing an off-the-shoulder dress means that you will not be able to lift your arms. Whether you opt for a classical ball gown or a comfy cocktail-style frock, make sure that your styling corresponds with the choreography. A traditional waltz is suitable for a big, glamorous wedding gown, while short styles allow pretty much any type of dance. If you prefer dancing to a cheerful song, why not change into a comfortable outfit for the reception while keeping the long gown for the ceremony, or just buy a glamorous dress with detachable skirt!

Practice In Your Wedding Shoes

When practising your first dance at home or in your dance school it is essential to be in the same footwear you will be wearing on the day. Do it at least once or twice to gain confidence and master elegant moves in your high heels. You might have to adjust your choreography because of those gorgeous stilettos, so it is best to try them on the dance floor weeks before the wedding.

The Dance Floor

Don’t forget to check out the dance floor at your wedding venue! You need to know dimensions beforehand because you may be limited to a very small surface or find a huge space intimidating. Choreography largely depends on the size of the podium, so once you master the moves you can even try practicing at the very location.

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