Important Questions To Ask Your Wedding Cake Maker

Thinking about your wedding cake? You will need to be prepared for your first consultation with your cake maker. We have created a handy list of the key questions you should ask to ensure it all runs smoothly.

Have you already started dreaming about your wedding cake design? You should find your ideal cake maker months before the wedding as the best cake artists will be very busy during wedding season. There is much to consider and you will have to choose your flavour, style and decorations, place the order and pay a small deposit in advance. However, before you do all that, make sure that you have found the right person or the right bakery for the task. Do they specialise in wedding cakes? Do you like the taste of their cakes? Here is a handy list of the most important questions you need to consider.

Are you available for our wedding date?

The first and most important thing you need to know is whether your cake maker is available to make your cake for your wedding date. Many of the most popular cake makers will be booked out for months in advance, so you need to start your research early. You want to find an expert who has sufficient time to dedicate to your unique creation.

What is your experience in making wedding cakes?

Although you don’t necessarily need to look for a baker who specialises in wedding cakes, it is better to find someone who already has extensive experience of making cakes in their portfolio. Long gone are the days of traditional tiered fruit cakes with fondant icing (although if that's what you have your heart set on... go for it!). Check our directory for some of Australia's best cake makers, as well as Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook to see if they have examples that you love, or ask them to show you some from their photo archive. If you like the look of their styles and designs then you are on the right track.

Can you design a custom cake to match our theme and colour scheme?

Some cake makers specialise in custom-made wedding cakes while others have a number of designs you can choose from. If the design is important to you, make sure that you can request exactly the style you have in mind. It is well worth taking some examples of what you like, so there is no confusion when it comes to confirming your final design.

What cake flavours are available?

There are so many different wedding cake flavours you can choose. Perhaps you have something particular in mind? Ask your cake maker what kind of flavours they offer and whether you can choose something unique or even combine two or three different flavours into one single cake. Most reputable cake makers will offer you a taste test before you decide on your favourite.

What are the icing options?

From classic buttercream and fondant designs to trendy drizzled and hand-painted cake icings, there are many different unique styles to choose from. Even if your preferred cake maker normally uses one type of icing, perhaps you can ask them to create something a bit different for you. Think of what kind of decorations you prefer and ask them how flexible they are in creating your masterpiece.

What kind of ingredients do you normally use?

If you care about the flavour and quality of ingredients, then don’t forget to ask your cake maker how they make their desserts. This is especially important if you want your cake to be gluten, egg, dairy-free or vegan. Specific dietary requirements may raise the price of the cake, so make sure to check that before you place your order.

Do you offer cake tastings?

Make sure to find out if your selected cake maker offers cake tastings and if they are included in the price. It is always best to try before you buy, so this is also an important piece of information you need to know before you make your final decision.

When will you be making our wedding cake?

Of course, you want your wedding cake to be delicious and freshly made, so find out how many days prior to your wedding it will be made. While rustic-style naked cakes need to be perfectly fresh because they can become dry easily, some other cakes can safely be stored in the fridge for a few days. You should also keep in mind that some cakes take a lot of time to make, especially if you want elaborate decorations.

Do you deliver and set-up?

You should also think about the transport and set-up of your wedding cake because this is the point where it can be easily damaged. Ideally, your cake maker will deliver and set-up your cake on the day, but make sure to check if there is an additional fee for this service.

Will you provide a cake stand and a knife?

Consider the small details too. For example, you will need a pretty cake stand and a special knife. Ask your cake makers if they supply these or you need to take care of that. Most bakers deliver cakes on cardboard trays and if this is the case, make sure to double check what size of tray or cake stand you need to find because you don’t want anything that is too big or too small. 

How do you price your cakes?

The price of the cake normally depends on the number of slices or the weight, but your choice of flavours and decorations will also affect the final quote. Make sure to ask the baker how they form their prices before you decide how big or how elaborate you want your cake to be. 

How much is the deposit and when does the final payment need to be made?

Finally, you need to check with your baker when your payments are due. You will probably need to pay a deposit right away, so find out how much money you need for that and when do you need to give them the final balance outstanding. You should also ask them what their refund policy is in case you decide to cancel your order.

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