First Dance Lessons: Pros & Cons

First dance is one of the most romantic moments of your entire wedding reception, but should you practice with a professional or not? Here are a few pros and cons to help you decide…

Alysha Sparks


Dance lessons can be a great bonding experience. It is something the two of you will be learning to do together. How romantic! It can be your little ritual for relieving pre-wedding stress and having fun together after work. Many couples have admitted that Dance lesson have improved their communication as well.

Dancing lessons can also boost your confidence! If being the centre of attention makes you nervous, then knowing your choreography well will make you feel more confident in front of your everyone at the reception.

The guests will love it! A choreographed first dance is a type of a performance which will undoubtedly entertain your friends and family members at the wedding, especially if you include some interesting choreography and a catchy song everyone will find up-lifting.

It will be an important part of your reception to include in your wedding video that you won't gringe at when watching it back. Imagine how proud you will both feel if your perfectly performed choreography is one of the highlights?!

It's fun! From the first lesson to the final performance at your wedding reception, this whole experience is all about having fun and loving life. Don’t think of it as an extra task or another stressful situation, but try to really enjoy it.


Weddings are costly and this is an extra expense. This is a key argument for many couples who are considering booking dancing lessons. If you are on a tight budget, perhaps you can find an alternative and learn a few steps from videos on Youtube or do a perform a famous dance.

It is time consuming and perfecting your choreography might take a while. You may need to start practicing up to three months ahead, especially if you want complex choreography or you are both beginners. If it is yet another thing to include in your already busy schedule, then perhaps you should find an alternative solution.

Learning a first dance can be too much of a challenge, so ask yourselves whether you are ready to accept it. If you don’t have any dancing experience it may be overwhelming and can add extra unwanted pressure.

The first dance may seem stiff and not natural. While having a choreographed dance may sound like a good idea in the beginning, it may end up being not as easy as you both expected. Unless you are professionals, there is a good chance your dance won’t seem easy and breezy but somewhat rigid. Perhaps you can try learning a few simple steps instead of complex choreography.

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