Your Maid of Honour Speech

As maid of honour you play an important role in the bride’s life, so take your role seriously and write a speech your best friend will be proud of!

The basics: writing your speech

It is never too early to start writing your speech, so allow plenty of time to perfect it. Begin with a brainstorming session and create a list of different elements you would like to include. Think of funny anecdotes, romantic stories, memorable times you have shared and even a meaningful love quote. If there is a movie or a novel that reminds you of the bride and groom, refer to it and find the perfect quote you can include in your speech. Go through photos of the bride and groom and try to find one that inspires you. Perhaps you can find an image or a set of images you can display at the wedding reception? This is a fantastic way to wow the audience.

You might have a lot to say about the bride and groom, but try to make your speech short and sweet because you don’t want to lose the audience’s attention. Ideally, it should be about 5 minutes. Don’t make a long, chatty introduction and keep your closing line brief too. This will leave you plenty of time to speak about the bride and groom.

Be yourself and avoid clichés. Stay away from generic phrases, or if you really have to use them, say them in your own way. Work on your speech until you are sure you have perfected it. And once you finish writing it, practice delivering your speech with and without an audience as it will help you feel more confident.

What to Include in your speech

1. Introduce yourself

Start by saying who you are and how long you have known the bride. Don’t feel pressured to start with a joke. Do it only if it feels natural to you. Perhaps there is a fun story about how the two of you met? It can be a great introduction, but make sure to keep it short.

2. Speak about the bride

Speak about wonderful the bride looks and how much she means to you. Maybe there is an anecdote you can tell or you can speak about an experience you have shared. Just make sure to avoid inside jokes that guests won't understand and don’t mention ex boyfriends. 

3. Tell a story about the groom

You need to mention the groom too! You can speak about the situation when you first met him, mention an anecdote from a holiday you have spent with the couple, or simply say how much he means to the bride.

4. Speak about the couple

Towards the end of your speech, your focus should be on the couple. Say how happy you are they have found each other and wish them all the best. If you have a cute photo of the two of them, this is the perfect time to show it to the audience.

5. End on a positive note

End your speech on an uplifting, positive note. Try a great short quote from a romantic novel, a poem or a movie could be the perfect ending. You can also simply finish your speech by raising your glass and giving a toast to the newly weds.

Speech alternatives

Not all maids of honour are made for giving speeches. Perhaps you are shy and scared of speaking in front of an audience? Or you are more into other ways of expressing yourself? Then think of a creative idea and suggest this to the bride… Perhaps your a singer? You might like to sing your speech or even a song you have written for the couple. You can ask the bridesmaids and groomsmen to help you out and play instruments or sing backing vocals.

And if you don’t like performing in front of a crowd at all, you can create a video, or make a slide show of the photos you've edited yourself. As long as it is short and entertaining, it can be a great alternative to a traditional speech.

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