The MC’s Role At Your Wedding Reception

Your MC is the person who announces the events at your wedding reception and makes the celebration even more fun and dynamic.

Who to choose as your MC?

Your  MC can be someone from your bridal party, or one of your closest friends or even a family member. You probably know a few people who are loud, funny, cheerful and comfortable with a microphone… Delegate one of them to be your wedding MC and set the mood of your event. While most couples choose one person for this role, some couples prefer to pick two people which we think is a great idea because it can be very entertaining, funny and energetic.

What are the duties of a wedding MC?

Your MC has a list of tasks to perform at the wedding reception. Firstly, he or she should introduce themselves and invite guests to be seated. If there are any house rules your selected venue has stated, the MC should mention these at the very beginning. Their duty is also to introduce all the members of the bridal party and announce all the events at the reception including wedding speeches, cake cutting, first dance and bouquet toss.

Where your MC should be seated?

If your MC is a not member of the bridal party, he or she should be seated near to the head table. It is also a good idea to seat them near to the wedding day coordinator if you have one because this will help keep them be up-to-date with the schedule and make announcements on time. Their table should be positioned in an area that is clearly visible from every corner of your function space.

Tips for the wedding MC

A wedding MC is there to enhance the atmosphere at the wedding reception, but also announce all the events, so being organised is crucial. If you have been selected for this role, then make sure to have a detailed schedule of the wedding reception and have the microphone close by when needed. Try to always make your announcements brief but effective, and don’t be shy to be funny when appropriate. And be spontaneous! Don’t read from a script because you want to sound natural. You should encourage guests at the wedding to have fun and do your best to get them on to the dance floor.

WSD Venues / Aug 2020

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