Wedding Cake Trend: Drizzled Icing

Drizzled icing adds a touch of opulence and luxury to any wedding cake design, be it a classic white tiered style or a rustic semi naked cake. It's the latest cake trend for 2016.

If you want to add an extra element to your wedding cake that will instantly transform the look, embrace the new trend: drizzled icing! This fabulous wedding cake trend was huge in 2015 and remains to be popular in 2016, along with opulent metallic icings, semi-naked designs, and elaborate floral toppers. From rich and flavoursome chocolate toppings to wonderfully refreshing drizzles of lemon and strawberry icing, there is a variety of flavours and styles you can opt for and you can be really creative with the design.

Match the icing with the style of your cake

Match the icing with the style of your cake
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If you want a traditional white tiered wedding cake, a dark chocolate drizzle will look very effective. Or add a little bit of food colour to your white chocolate icing to dye it in blue, pink, lilac or any other shade from your colour palette so your cake matches perfectly. Drizzled icings are ideal for rustic-style naked wedding cakes because they look very natural and you can pick any flavour or colour you like. If you love DIY decorations, this an easy way to make your cake look decadent. You can simply melt chocolate and pour it on top of your cake to create this effect, and then finish it off with lush, colourful blooms or fresh berries. Drizzled icing also looks absolutely amazing on bundt cakes which will make a fabulous addition to your dessert table!

Choose from an abundance of flavours

Choose from an abundance of flavours
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Drizzled icing is very decorative, but it can also be a great way to add a seasonal flavour to your wedding cake. When the weather is cold we are craving heavier flavours, so make your winter wedding cake even more indulgent with scrumptious toppings such as chocolate ganache or a toffee icing. And to decorate your summer wedding cake, you can use icing made from sugar and lemon zest or a vibrant red topping made from strawberries. The vanilla-flavoured icing is great for any season, and yoghurt glaze is perfect for delectable cakes jam-packed with fruit. Or perhaps you want a healthy topping for your vegan cake? Organic dark chocolate is just ideal for this type of wedding cake!

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