Raw Wedding Cakes

Created from delicious whole-food ingredients, raw wedding cakes are the latest trend much loved by brides and grooms who prefer healthier desserts.

If you love healthy food, then you will love the new cake trend – raw wedding cakes! They are 100% guilt-free desserts made from organic, whole-food ingredients, sweetened with honey, maple syrup or coconut sugar and decorated with nature-inspired decorations such as edible flowers or berries and crushed nuts. Sound delicious? You can even fill your dessert table with raw treats such as chocolate mousses, tarts, cupcakes, truffles, cream bars, mini cakes and ice creams!

Raw wedding cakes became popular thanks to food bloggers and healthy food enthusiasts who searched for healthy desserts and started making incredible creations out of ingredients from organic grocers. Now you can find specialised cake shops that make only raw sweets free from any nasty ingredients. 

Since raw wedding cakes are usually organic, gluten-free and refined sugar-free you may be wondering whether they can replace the traditional creamy, sweet and naughty flavours of a traditional wedding cake? Imagine a chocolate cake made from cacao powder, cacao butter and maple syrup… it tastes absolutely delicious and yet it is so healthy for you! And then there is a wealth of other fantastic ingredients you can use such as juicy fruits, crunchy nuts, seeds, sweet spices and gourmet cheeses. Popular raw cake flavours include carrot cake, chocolate fudge and cheese cake, but you can also opt for an unbaked version of the red velvet cake or for a refreshing ice cream cake which is ideal for summer weddings.

Even if you want to keep the traditional wedding cake, you can add raw cakes to your dessert bar so that your guests have different options. If some of your friends and family members have special dietary requirements such as vegan, egg-free, dairy-free, sugar-free or gluten-free, then it is a nice gesture to offer a few desserts which are made especially for them. Raw sweets are the perfect idea, so look for cake makers that specialise in creating this type of desserts. Some of Australia’s favourite cake shops that specialise in healthy desserts include Mmmore in Sydney, Pana Chocolate in Melbourne and Sydney, Just Rawsome and From The Wild in Adelaide and Nutri Hitt in Brisbane. Raw vegan treats also make great bomboniere, so why not delight your guests with a delicious but healthy snack wrapped in a beautiful package!

Decorations for raw wedding cakes are usually minimal, but you can make them a little more elaborate for your wedding. Think chunks of dark chocolate, towers of red berries or cascading flowers. Culinary herbs, edible blooms, cinnamon sticks and thin orange slices look effective too, and you can also make a fantastic sugar-free frosting.

WSD Venues / Aug 2020

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