Your First Dance

Pick a danceable tune, take a few dance lessons, perfect a few fun steps and surprise your guests with a first dance worth filming!

Your wedding reception is not just about the cake, the food, the speeches and the bouquet toss. It is also about having a memorable first dance together. It doesn’t have to be just a formality, but a great way to express your personalities, entertain your guests and make everyone want to jump onto the dance floor!

So where to start? By choosing a song, of course! Whether you prefer something classical or your favourite pop song, make sure it is danceable. You don’t need to be professional dancers to do it right. All you really need is a good tune and a simple but effective choreography that goes with it.

Traditional couples usually opt for a classical waltz, while those who prefer a vintage themed wedding might want to take a challenge and dance to a song from the 1920’s or 1960’s. Whichever choreography you pick, make sure to include some fun steps to awe the audience. The song can also reflect your personalities and tell your unique love story, so why not choose something you both like and ask a professional dance instructor to help you create a fun choreography.

Whichever style of music you choose, taking at least a few dancing lessons in the lead up to your big day is a great idea and a fun activity you can do with your groom. Dancing lessons are very popular among modern couples and you can even find the ones who specialise in first dance. While you should start practicing in comfortable shoes and clothes, once you perfect the steps, you should try dancing in your wedding day outfit. It will be a completely new challenge, especially if you picked towering stilettos and a ball gown, and you don’t want to look clumsy on the dance floor.

The first dance is one of the most significant moments of every classical wedding reception, so we suggest that you make an effort and prepare it well. Practicing often is the key to perfecting the moves and while you can do it at home or any other place you like, it is highly advisable to try out the dance floor at the venue you booked prior to your wedding day. And don’t forget to bring your attire!

WSD Venues / Aug 2020

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