Signature Cocktails

Make your wedding reception more personal and colourful by serving fabulous signature cocktails inspired by your venue location, colour scheme, seasonal flavours or even your own love story.

Signature cocktails make a great new wedding trend to embrace, not only because it is yet another detail that will make your celebration unique, but also because it can save you some money if you are on a tight budget, and don’t want to have a full bar at your party. Make them look decorative and inspire your guests to make some gorgeous Instagram-worthy snaps!

How To Choose Your Signature Cocktails?

Serving signature cocktails instead of champagne is a great idea if you want to cut down your expenses. You can make delicious and refreshing cocktails with white wine, and serve them in stylishly decorated glasses to impress your guests. Even if you want to keep the champagne, but serve it in a different way, you can opt for a champagne cocktail such as the French-style lavender-infused champagne which is very hip at weddings.

Your wedding cocktails should reflect the style of your celebration as well as your personalities, so start by searching for inspiration in your theme, colour palette or even location of your venue if you settled on a destination wedding. Naming your cocktail after your honeymoon location or the place where you went on your first romantic holiday together is also a great idea! The inspiration can come from anything the two of you have in common, from movies and books to your favourite bistro in Paris, or a bar where you first met.

Your signature cocktails should be in line with the weather, or the season of your planned celebration. Opt for cool, light mixes if it is a spring or summer wedding. It can be a refreshing “something blue” cocktail with lots of ice, a fruit-infused blend such as classical Pimms with a twist, or a watermelon & strawberry mix with a hint of citrus flavour if you wish to avoid serving alcoholic beverages. And if you are celebrating your nuptials during autumn or winter months, go for heavier, flavoursome drinks that will warm up your guests.

How To Serve The Drinks?

How To Serve The Drinks?

Choosing a signature cocktail is not just about the flavour and colour, but also about serving the drinks in the right glasses and adding appropriate decorations. After sorting out the dress, the cake and your reception décor, you should start thinking about the smaller details which will further define your theme.

If you find gorgeous vintage glasses to reflect the your wedding theme, your job is almost done. Perhaps just add a few decorative elements like fruit garnishing, edible flowers or sugar on the rim, and you will have your perfectly stylish cocktails ready.

Another fun way to add personal touch to your signature cocktails is to adorn them with stationery details like small cardboard tags or labels, colourful straws, or even paper sleeves. Beautiful stirrers are also very trendy, and we also love the idea of serving the drinks in personalised glasses with names of your guests etched on them (these glasses can double as bonbonniere which is very convenient).

And remember that you should have more than one cocktail! If you choose two different ones, perhaps you can make them “his & hers”, inspired by the bride and groom, with one being more feminine and the other more masculine! You should also consider pairing the drinks with suitable canapés which will improve the flavour and keep guests happy.

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