Reception Menu Ideas For Autumn & Winter

As the weather is getting cooler, we crave richer flavours and delicious comfort food, so combine delicious seasonal ingredients and the latest food trends to offer a feast at your autumn or winter wedding reception!

Image by Inhouse Chef


Images by Inhouse Chef

If you want to awe your guests with a delectable spread of finger food during cocktail hour, come up with truly unique wedding reception menu ideas. You can include some mouth-watering pastries and a selection of hot soups served in shot glasses or small bowls. Think fresh seasonal ingredients and play with them to create exceptional flavours for your autumn or winter wedding. The key to a good wedding food is originality and good taste, so make an effort to personalise your menu from start to finish.

Your source of inspiration can be your favourite autumn and winter foods, such as macaroni and cheese and serve them in bite-size versions. You can also add petite salads to the mix, and the latest food trends suggest that you should serve them together with soups. If you want to make your selection of drinks seasonal too, why not include hot drinks like mulled wine and a selection of warming cocktails instead of champagne!

Starters & Main Courses

Starters & Main Courses
Images by Inhouse Chef

From delicious ocean food to meats, vegetables and pasta, opt for dishes made of fresh seasonal produce that tastes really good and include gourmet sauces which are a big food trend at the moment. You can begin with a delicious hot starter such as pumpkin or tomato soup served with cream, wonderful Italian pasta, or even some traditional delicacies from family culinary heritage.

You should have at least two great main course options such as meaty and vegetarian meal so that your guests can have a choice. Discuss with your chef which sides go well with the main dish and serve the tastiest ones. A roast dinner is a classic choice for winter weddings, and to make it extra delicious for this special occasion, pair it with the finest wines and beers and finish off the feast with scrumptious wedding desserts.



Cold weather is inspirational for making scrumptious wedding desserts and you can opt for rich, creamy flavours. If you are looking for original wedding reception menu ideas, we think a hot chocolate station is a wonderful food trend to consider, and you can also offer a selection of sweet mini bites that go well with this delicious hot drink such as miniature donuts, biscuits and marshmallows.

Since the cake should be your ultimate wedding dessert, you can opt for rich, mouth-watering flavours such as chocolate mud, caramel cream or mocha and serve it with a dollop of ice cream on the side. If you prefer a fashionable cake alternative, choose a wedding dessert that goes well with hot drinks such as crocquembouche, macaron, donut tower, or even pancakes with chocolate cream.

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